AGD Audion Mkiii GaNFET Monoblock Amplifier


Jun 28, 2014
I haven't written a review here before but want to share my experience with a component that in my view (and my system) is spectacular - AGD Audion monoblock amplifiers. I'm posting this because the Audions have completely turned around my aversion to Class D amps of old. My system comprises:

- TechDAS Air Force V / SME V / Dynavector XV-1t
- Auralic Aries streamer
- Mola Mola Tambaqui DAC
- Mola Mola Makua Pre/Phono
- AGD Productions Audion Mkiii GaNFET amplifiers
- Avantgarde Duo Omega loudspeakers

I previously posted here that I have retired and now spend more time listening to music. I've been using valve amps for the past 20 years but with the extended listening hours the energy consumption, heat and availability of valves became more of a concern. I have tried many solid state amps including Avantgardes own solid state amps but couldn't find anything that could compete with valve amps with my speakers. That changed when I put a pair of AGD Audion amps in my system.

These amplifiers are Class D - horror! They have KT88 type 'valves' which are simply used to house a Gallium Nitride MOSFET-based Power-Stage, fully enclosed in the glass tube! The amps are compact and the 'valves' have red LED's which give a reassuring glow when powered up. I know some people won't like the idea of the amp 'mimicking' the look a a valve amp but it really works and I've had nothing but positive comments from people who've seen it in the flesh. The other reason for the use of these GaNTubes is that they can simply be unplugged and replaced with a newer one if/when an upgrade is developed.

I bought my Audions when they were at Mkii. The performance with the MKii GaNTubes was terrific but my review will cover the even better performance with the Mkiii GaNTubes installed. The amps produce 200W into 4 Ohms.

These Audion amps are next generation Class D and are so removed from most Class D amps that there is no comparison. I mainly listen to blues and 70's rock and I want to create a 'live' sound experience at home. The key areas that are important for me are dynamics, tone and soundstage. My Avantgarde speakers are horns with an active bass unit and dynamics are a key strength. With SET and OTL valve amps the performance has been great but the Audions are in a league above any valve amp I've tried. I played Carole King 'Tapestry - Live in Hyde Park' and the percussion sounds with the Audions are uncannily lifelike and the ambience of the venue really comes through. I've rarely heard any system that can sound like a snare drum in real-life. However, the Audions have an incredibly fast response to transients and the effect is quite startling at times. The dynamic performance of the Audions is excellent at low volumes meaning that late night listening sessions are very satisfying.

A common trait of older Class D amps in the past has been a 'lean' sound. However, the Audion amps have a similar tone to a good SET or OTL amp. This really was a surprise to me and allow the Audions to deliver completely fatigue-free listening. The Audions have a beautifully open top end which really allows you to pick up detail. To do this in an unfatiguing and natural tone is a major achievement in my view.

The soundstage with the Audions (and the right recordings) is deeper and wider than I've had before in my system. The soundstage has that magic trick of extending beyond the width of the speakers (not always a strength with horns) and also much deeper. This has the effect of allowing you to pick out individual instruments and separate vocalists. It has taken a lot of trial and error to get my system sounding like this and taking time with speaker positioning is critical to get the optimum performance. The Audions have j put the icing on the cake!

Finally, where I was burning 150W of energy to produce <1W of power to my speakers (107dB/W) the Audions draw <10W total. If you are in the market for a powerful, compact and, in my eyes beautiful, amplifier then take a listen as I doubt you'll be disappointed. Class D amps have changed so allow yourself to give the new generation a chance and listen for yourself.


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Brilliant , seen articles on these and good to have your thoughts .i guess they are pretty expensive are they ? And how much do they weigh ?


Feb 25, 2010
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Hi @rocketiii, I also own a pair of Avantgarde Duo Omega's....and use them with KR Audio Kronzilla DM (44w) amps or a First Watt F5 amp.

I'm intrigued by your "review"...which other valve or transistor amps did you use with the Duos?


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