pmc twenty5

  1. Shezy

    SOLD PMC Twenty5.24 speakers in Amarone - Near mint - Boxed

    Hi All For sale are my beloved PMC Twenty5.24 floor standing speakers in lovely Amarone finish and near mint condition. New twenty5.24i model is nearly six grand. Am asking for £ 2,050 collected. By far one of the best speakers I have had pleasure to own. I liked these so much that have...
  2. Shakey_Studioincar

    PMC TWENTY5 - 21

    PMC twenty5-21 Bought these new approx 2 months ago with the aim of building a home office system and scaling down the size of my current sets of speakers. However, this plan hasn’t come to fruition and I’m left with not using these at all really so they’re going. Probably just to fund other...