Terms and Conditions

Please take time to read our terms and conditions. This includes important information about your purchase with us. By purchasing online via the HIFIMEGASTORE website you are entering into and agreeing to the following contractual agreement, also known as our Terms and Conditions. HIFIMEGASTORE is a facilitator, it does not sell it’s own brand of products.There are BUSINESSES registered on the store who sell products and there are PRIVATE registered sellers (similar to selling on any other classifieds site) who also sell on the store. HIFIMEGASTORE accepts no responsibility for the condition or quality of any products sold on the store and any disputes regarding this, is solely between the BUYER and the SELLER (whether they are Business or Private).Each Business has different terms and conditions, which they must provide a link to and the buyer must accept these terms before purchase.

Conditions and Commission:

To list products on HIFIMEGASTORE there is a fee of £5 per year.
1. If you are a paid up member (Super Wammer) of HIFIMEGASTORE there is no extra charge.
2. Moderators of HIFIMEGASTORE. There is no charge.
Order Cancellation/Returns
All complaints and returns policies are the responsibility of the individual business or private seller.


All products sold by Businesses within the store carry their own Warranty, it is your responsibility to check these. Each private seller MUST advise on the advert whether there products for sale have warranties or not, again it is the buyers responsibility to check as HIFIMEGASTORE is not responsible for any Warranty on any products sold within the store.

Faulty Items/Repairs:

If you have items that you think develop a fault, then please contact the relevant Business or Private vendor. HIFIMEGASTORE is not responsible for repairs or faults.

Items not received:

Sometimes items get delayed. Please check with the vendor their method of delivery before you purchase the item to make sure you are happy with it. Our recommendation when shipping HIFI products of value is to use a reputable company and make sure you have enough insurance cover. A lot of private vendors opt for private collection also. If an item is outside of normal delivery time then please notify the vendor directly with a copy to HIFIMEGASTORE.