Target R4 speaker stands – 55cm – Atabyte filled

By primary · Posted Tuesday @ 8:40 am
Target R4 speaker stands - Good condition, Atabyte filled and complete with all spikes. Collection from Liverpool.

Otari MX 5050 B2HD

By · Posted Tuesday @ 6:08 pm
This is a professional reel to reel player these are used in radios for broadcast the music .It has verry…

Rare, Art Audio Diavolo, Single Ended Valve 300B, Class A Stereo Amplifier

By kw · Posted Monday @ 10:24 am
Rare, Art Audio Diavolo Valve 300B, Class A, Stereo Amplifier with Volume & Input controls. In excellent, fully working condition.…

Thorens TD150 MarkII Record Player

By avtive · Posted Sunday @ 9:02 pm
For sale refurbished and upgraded vintage record player Thorens TD150 MarkII Sandwich type plinth covered with natural wood veneer and…

Custom Made Speakers fitted 12” 3142 Tannoy drivers

By avtive · Posted Sunday @ 8:58 pm
Selling DYI Tannoy floorstanders. Custom made housing fitted Tannoy 12” 3142 drivers. Genuine crossovers. Massive housing 320x460x1070 mm, around 37…

Spendor D7 Stereo Main Speakers

By avtive · Posted Sunday @ 8:56 pm
Boxed and comes with original carpet spikes.

Roksan K3 DAC With Wireless Dongle

By avtive · Posted Sunday @ 8:54 pm
Condition near mint or I can not find any mark on the casing.

Sugden Masterclass IA-4 Integrated Stereo Amplifier

By avtive · Posted Sunday @ 8:51 pm
Near mint condition, the remote control has never been used.

Naim Ovator S800 Speakers. AWESOME . £30,000 rrp Rosewood Finish

By Martin Logan · Posted Wednesday @ 9:19 am
Top of the Range and SOTA.  Incredibly Rare. Mint condition. I am listing these on behalf of a friend These…

McIntosh MA252 2 Channel Integrated Amplifier. Ex-Demo

By lenco · Posted Friday @ 4:12 pm
Ex-Demo item, some signs of wear and tear but overall in great condition as shown in the photos. Comes with…