IPL Acoustics SM2 Standmount Speakers with Stands

I have a pair of IPL Acoustics SM2’s, a 2 way speaker using a Fountek CD 3.0 ribbon tweeter and IPL 8″ Kevlar mid/bass driver. They were built from a

Cadence Anina

Cadence Anina electrostatic hybrid speakers

Logitech Squeezebox Touch

Squeezebox Touch in near new condition


I am selling a beautiful old Steinway grand piano, which has been in the same family for the last 35 years. It is a Model A, is finished in cherry

Sennheiser HD600 with extras

To be changed of ownership this lauded HD 600 in good to very good condition. Has been used sporadically since buying the following new Sennheiser parts: – Orpheus HE60 earpads

Graaf 13.5B Pre Amplifier

Graaf 13.5 B Pre Amplifier recent service £1900

Graaf GM 100 power amplifier

Graaf GM100 power amp great condition recently had comprehensive service £2200

Northwest Analogue D103 LOMC cartridge

Hand built cartridge by Dominic Harper. LOMC only played about 200 LP sides.


Hi I am looking for a Dynavector power amplifier, preferably a HX1.2 but open to other suggestions. PM please

Air Tight ATM-1: Back on sale

For sale, Air Tight ATM-1 power amplifier. – 4 x EL34 in push-pull giving 36 wpc into 8 ohms – 2 inputs with input attenuators for easy pre-amp matching, or

Simaudio Moon Equinox

Simaudio Moon Equinox RS CD player 5* Reviews

Canary M500 Monoblocks

I am selling my demo pair of the fantastic Canary Audio M500 Monoblocks. *IMPORTANT INFORMATION* ……These are 230V Models. All Canary Audio products are hand made in California. http://canaryaudio.com/M500.html The

Cavalli Liquid Carbon V2

Popular transportable headphone amplifier in new condition including box and manual. This one is from the second and final production with ‘2nd generation power supply which has been designed specifically

Genesis Digital Lens

Legendary digital signal regenerator LOOK RARE!!!

Ming-Da MC-7R Valve Pre Amplifier

Ming-Da Valve Pre: Owned since new with very little use as I normally work overseas. Very good condition. Later chrome finish ( earlier was stainless steel ) All valves replaced

Neat Ultimatum MFS loudspeakers with stands

For Sale a pair of Neat Ultimatum MFS loudspeakers complete with original highly recommended Neat stands (RRP just under £1k). The speakers are in Santos Rosewood finish and both the

Simaudio Moon 250i

Moon 250i integrated amp as new

Bryston BDA2 DAC

For sale my Bryston BDA2, includes original box. In excellent condition, virtually as new, as pictures show. Date code is 14 17, I purchased from a UK Bryston dealer 2/2016.

Transparent Musicwave Plus Speaker Cable

8 feet pair terminated with spades both ends.

Vitus SS-010 Mk2

Class A Integrated Amplifier

Stunning custom built solid Oak hifi rack based on Naim Fraim design

Custom designed and hand-built with top quality materials and craftmanship, the dimensions of the rack and shelf spacings are pretty well identical to the standard Naim Fraim and it is

Metrum Octave MKII NOS DAC

In very good condition, with USB and black front. Purchased new in May 2014 and bought by me in April of this year without any extra’s. No invoice, no box

Sugden A21 SE Signature (new)

I bought this from Audio Affair on 3rd November (using my Chord CPM2650 in part exchange). I have only used it for 2 hours maximum, just to check that it

Wilson Benesch Arc

Wilson Benesch Arc speakers complete with original packaging. In excellent condition – there is a very small mark on the rear of one of the speakers as shown in one

Primare Systems T20 reference FM Tuner

Primare Systems T20 reference FM Tuner

Sansui SR222 MKII Turntable

Vintage Sansui SR222 MKII turntable.

Logitech Squeezebox Touch

The product I have does not work at present as I supplied it with 9 volts dc instead of 5v, can be fixed. Have a fully working remote and operating instructions. Better for component parts for owners with their own Squeezebox Touch. Might be problem with screen. Price includes postage and packing.

Thorens TD 166 MKII with handmade plinth

Thorens TD 166 MKII with handmade plinth

AudioLab 8200 CDQ

AudioLab 8200 CDQ

AudioLab 8000a

Excellent Audiolab 8000a

Linn LK140 Amplifier

Linn LK140 in near mint condition


More about the head: Designed and created by Bruce Zinky, this 100W Fender Customer Shop head has that tone", delivers Vibro King'esque woman tones; on channel 1; channel 2 can put many a heavily modded high gain 6l6 amp to shame. An A+ condition, both discontinued and getting harder to find for sale. You can sure find these praised on chat forums and blogs, but the classified for sale listings are getting rare and trending towards the way of the dinosaur. If you know about these, we could agree that this may be best summed as a chupacabra dressed sheep's skin. Here's your chance. Open to sensible offers.

Shahinian Arc speakers

Hi Looking for a pair of Shahinian Arc speakers, are there any out there?

Philips – TDA1541A/SAA7220/A Chip set

Philips - TDA1541A - SAA7220/A - Chipset

Denon DL 103 Pro….NOS!

Rare…new unused and with original packaging. Perhaps the highest performing Denon. Fit this onto a heavy tonearm and forget the majority of cartridges…happy listening! £450ono

Thorens TD124 with SME3009 MKII in wooden plinth

Thorens TD124 with SME3009 with Manuals in wooden plinth Very good original condition.

One pair of Peerless 4611-8 step up transformers – similar to Western Electric 618-B

Very highly rated step up transformers from Peerless in good condition. Allow for between 1:10 and 1:40 step up for MC cartridges. Highly musical. As talked about by Audiophile Stefano

Naim XPS (Olive)

Serial no 143xxx. Bought ex-dem in 2000 with CDS2. In great Condition. Supplied with Grey Burndy and original packaging. Sitting idle in spare room so could do with a good

Naim HDX

2010 model In excellent condition. CD player repaired by Naim earlier this year. Upgraded to NDS so very little use. Comes with remote and original packaging. More than happy to

M2Tech Young DAC and Avondale Audio power supply

M2Tech Young DAC and Avondale Audio power supply. Comes boxed with manual, original wall wart power supply and original USB cable. Avondale psu for the DAC and is in very

Esoteric SA 10

Esoteric SA-10 CD/SACD player.

Linn Klimax DS/3

Immaculate Linn DS/3 very recently upgraded from a DS/2.

Canor TP10

Valve headphone amp, current product. Postage about £15, available for collection from St Albans, Herts.

Bel Canto Ref 150S

Mint condition virtually new Class D amplifier. I bought this as a stop gap amplifier when I need something compact. It is beautifully transparent and detailed. I can post at

Finite Elemente Cerapucs (x4)

Finite Elemente Cerapucs, set of 4, near mint condition with all original accessories and case. Superb isolation devices. Also 2 sets of Ceraballs for sale.

Transparent Musiclink Plus MM2 1mtr XLR

Fine cables, these are the ones before the current 5th Gen, they are forward and lively, have great detail, majors on bass, being balanced you can run the amp easier


This is a 2010 Mk3 of the Illustrious arm. It’s one of the last with the standard arm tube, before they went Carbon with the MK3C. In excellent condition, plays

Wadia 850 CD player

Nadia 850 CD player in black

Wilson Benesch Actor II

The speakers have been well looked after and rarely used hence sadly for sale. This is the later version with the same cabinet dimension as the ACT 2. Cost new was 5k+. I don't have the boxes any more so collection in Guildford only please.