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Super Wammer

Krell into Klipsch....arrrrgggghhhhhhhh

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They did, it is probably from when they were trying to sell the super chargers. However it is fairly sound, though without taking into account seating distance the little calculator seems pointless. It also depends on typical listening levels and music of choice. Classical with its 15-30db swings over average needs a lot more power than compressed rock at 8db peaks over average.

I typically aim for at leas 105db at listening position. This gives me 30db headroom listening at 75db or 20db headroom listening a bit louder at 85db.

With typical 90db speakers, at the 12 feet I sit at, you need 200 watts to peak at 105db, with compressed rock listening at an average of say 80db, you need about 10watts. All a bit more in depth than that little slider covers.

It was indeed published when they launched the superchargers, (about 2006 iirc)they were trying to convince everyone that their amps would clip at dynamic peaks and what you really needed was lots more headroom.

There a few notes on the back saying that they have assumed a listening position 10ft from the speakers, and amplifier power in Watts has been converted to dB watts at 1.25894 for each dB step.

There is more gobbledegook about the way manufacturers specify sensitivity compared to 'dynamic capability' and telling you to knock 2 -4 dB off the manufacturers figures.

About 9 months after the launch of the Superchargers they slashed the prices which went down well with all the people who had bought them as their s/h residuals had disappeared. About a year after that MF relaunched the A1 (2008) which was a class A 30Wpc amp and no one mentioned 'dynamic capability' and system headroom and superchargers ever again! :)

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