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Wammer's Album Club - Tues. Feb. 3 - Muddy Waters - The Real Folk Blues

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Guest MJ.

Whilst I appreciate that this is obviously a seminal Blues album which has influenced many artists, Blues and non-Blues alike, it just doesn't do it for me.

Well played, no doubt, but it sounds just like any other decent Blues album and, as many times as I have tried to relate to it, classic Blues is really not my thing.

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For me this stuff just has something about it that feels human, feels real. Whatever, I love it. Top marks for this choice.

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For those looking to listen further, a couple of the performers from this album are worth seeking out.

Little Walter (Marion Walter Jacobs) is often regarded as the greatest of the post WWII blues harp players. His use of amplification and distortion can be heard in the playing of pretty much every modern harmonica player.

Hate To See You Go comes highly recommended . . .


Willie Dixon's name appears somewhere on almost every blues record cut in Chicago during the 50s-60s. He was the band leader/arranger/lyricist/talent scout/all around court wizard at Chess Records. A short list of the songs he is credited with writing; Little Red Rooster, Back Door Man, Spoonful, You Shook Me, Wang Dang Doodle gives the reader the right idea. Willie Dixon is one of the greatest figures in music period, forget the blues genre.

Seek out his older material by all means, but the 1970 album I Am The Blues gathers his best songs on one album and the backing band is killer (Sunnyland Slim and Lafayette Leake sharing piano duties, Big Walter Horton, Johnny Shines, Clifton James) . . .


Will definately be checking these out, thanks :)

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