great basic recording , prpper sound

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So I havebeen ebjoying a old cd player and playing some tunes a lovely recording of shostakovich 5 2 nd movement , sound propper , real bass depth , dynamics doesent sound like it swompped in close microphones, the snare drum is at the back the flutes dont have mices stuffed up em and the french horns sound like french horns from accross the orchstra, great .

Naxos 8.550427. At the local kids charity shop 50 pence. So I put a quid in before anyone gets upset, .

but if you use your ears this is a good recording representation of a orchestra , some propper dynamics, .

been using this old marantz ose 6000 if I could only find the remote to turn down the phones out put , anyway , 20 year old cd play almost , sounding quiet good I would say , thank fully 16 bit done well .

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