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I just noticed there is no thread for Technics Owners apart from a turntable specific one.

Im sure Im not the only member here who owns/owned products from this Japanese Giant?

And with the return of this much loved brand I thought now would be a great time to start this thread!


Ill get a list up later but I still own

CD Player

Minidisc Recorder

Tape Deck

2x SL1200 MKII

2x SL1210 M3D

2x SLBD22

And I plan to get another amp, Tuner, DSP etc...

I'll always have technics gear in my home, Even if its in storage until I decide to rotate my system.

So who else is a Technics owner, Past or Present.

And what are your views/feelings on the rebirth of the brand?

All the best Paul :)

- - - Updated - - -

Im waiting in anticipation to see a new AV Receiver, DAB/Internet Radio, Maybe even some portable gear???

Lets hope some great products are on the way....

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I do like Technics kit.

My 1st ever 'decent' speakers, about 40 years ago (!), were SB301.

Here's a stock pic

............................. 1139907_large_1398351388.jpg

Nice smallish 2-ways, a bit coloured in the Japanese manner at the time - what you might call a 'rose-tinted' midrange - but good to listen to and they definitely got me on the hifi trail for the next half century or so!

Much more recently, this amp was well received in my current system ->

TechnicsSU-MA10_zpsa181b97a.jpg A SU-MA10 integrated.

And this lovely thing is my music source of choice at the moment. It sounds great - 14 bit DAC and 30 years old - who needs modern digital technology? Not me! :D


Oh, and I almost forgot - this is my turntable - a Technics SL-150ii with an Audio Technica AT1100 arm and now with an Ortofon MC25FL cart. :)


Technics? Good stuff. :^

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I have a Technics SH-8015 Equalizer.

I will get round to plugging it in a second system one day.

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I Love my Techy sl1200

where is its thread please?

My searches don't find OWNERS for this TT but posts seem to suggest it exists

must be me / computer fault

can this thread be a base for me and the other owners?

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I Love my Techy sl1200

where is its thread please?

Here it is:-

The name of the guy who started it sounds familiar.....;-)

Some nice looking pieces of kit here.

I particularly like the CD player, so of it's time. :^

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Ta Steve rms

and thank you Paul graham for this forum - am fan of T kit and am excited by thought of future new products appearing here.

yeah rms!

i do know that freefall guy in "the wheels of steel" thread- really nice guy ( am the proud father but don't tell him!)

i had not realised just how 'royal' he was on here

We share similar interests (and kit) so I do try to. Not step on toes

so I'll get clearance

or to put it another way

submit copy!

He was terrific on Saturday at Dipsticks Sheffield bakeoff helping his ole pater and keeping an eye

missed u tho

and Techy was in superb form------ laying waste

So even soundmaister Bandit stayed in room!!!! He was feeling the bass heft.

I am trying to arrange mini bake 5 folk max-will pm

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I'm a TT fan

my Turntable with upgrades.

Technics SL1210M5G

Origin Live Encounter Mk3 arm

Ortofon Cadenza Black cartridge

Mike New Bearing

Funk Acrimat (SL version)

Isonoe Feet with Boots

the sound is awesome.

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Clive I find myself overcome with


Wow my imagination tells me just how big and fast and accurate(to record quality) that that lineup must sound

Thankyou for posting

i had pleasure of hearing the ortofon MC new Quintet black ( about £750) this year at Carnfield hall show Cheshire and was v impressed

My own MC is goldring Eroica (£300 or less)and that does well ( at my spend level) on the deck too

Re bearing - mine is still the as new one and I can't hear or sense it with existing kit level

I ' ve heard the better engineered arms and know they have a massive effect

This shows shows the inherent quality that the Techy has for hobbyists

It rewards at every spend level!

And will do so for eons after my computer passes away to scrap.

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I became a Technics fan shortly after arriving in W. Germany while in the Air Force in 1978. I spent LOTS of time in the base audio-photo club researching the stereo gear I was going to buy. I went from looking at receivers to deciding on components. I looked at every brand they had for every type of component whether it was an amp, turntable or speakers. The more I looked, the more I found myself coming back to Technics. I started off with a SA-5770 receiver, SL-1310MKII, SB-6000's and an RS-631 cassette deck the Technics rep gave me.

This system sustained me while I built my main system over the next year. As a poor two striper, almost every dime I made went into my stereo. Although I kept the turntable, everything else eventually fell by the wayside once my system was complete. At least, I thought it was complete. When I left Europe and came back to the States, I had the Technics Pro Series system: SH-905ST Audio Rack with the SL-1310MKII on top. Inside the rack was the RS-1700 Open Reel, RS-M85, ST-9030, SH-9010, SU-9070, SH-9020 and the SE-9060 and three of the Technics SH-3041 Step-Up Transformers. For speakers, the SB-6000's were gone and replaced with the VERY rare SB-E100's. Rare because they weren't marketed in the USA.

Fast forward to now, my Technics collection has expanded quite a bit more than it should have. As I near retirement with one daughter in college and another about to graduate high school, downsizing will obviously be coming at me sooner than I'd like. I've added three Micro Series systems and two of the SH-505 systems for use around the house. I have a SA-818 that replaced a 2nd SA-5770. The 818 was a far better receiver. I now have a pair of SB-6060's and a pair of SB-5000's pulling duty in the basement. I have two pairs of ST-9038/SH-9038 along with SU-8080 gathering dust in basement storage along with two DVD-A10 DVD players, one of which has never been used. I have a couple of old CD players (one SL-P600C and a mega disc SL-MC6?) and cassette decks sitting in there as well. I just looked and there are two SL-10's and a couple pairs of SB-F1 and SB-F2's. I can't believe how much gear I will need to get rid of in the future.

Yes, all of that was in use at one point. Now a lot of it gathers dust.

I still have quite a few things that are "gainfully employed." In our family room which is used as our secondary home theater, I have a 5.1 system. Since Technics has been gone for a number of years, the components are not Technics. The speakers, however are a little more awesome. In back, for surround channel, nothing special, a pair of Paradigm Titans. Up front, a pair of very rare Technics SB-E100's and an ultra rare, modified, Technics SB-10000 (1) handling center channel and subwoofer duty. Modified? Not really. The speaker comes in three sections, the base box, midrange horn and tweeter horn; four sections if you count the horn tower that supports the two horns. I placed our 65" Mitsubishi on top of the base and the horns were placed above the TV aimed downward at the sweet spot. I did this only to find a spot for the SB-10000 behemoth until I could sell it with the pair of SB-E100's that were designed with the 10000 in mind. I literally had nowhere to put it so the time had come to sell it. After running the system through the calibration/equalization system of the receiver, it all sounded so awesome, I might never let it go. Let me tell you, an 18" woofer can really, and I mean REALLY, rock the house! Off to the side is another of my prized Technics possessions, a SST-35HZ subwoofer. It sits only as a display these days since I hooked up the SB-10000. I have never compared the SB-10000 to the SST-35HZ. The SST is quite capable, it killed most of our fish the first time we used it. We had to re-arrange everything after watching Jurassic Park. The SST made it seem as if T-Rex was coming through the front door. Six fish were dead at the end along with items falling off of shelves more than 25' away.

In the basement that we FINALLY finished, almost three years ago, is our crown jewel. I built a dedicated home theater. While not as big as I'd like, it is a pretty decent size - 18'X14'. I won't get into what resides in the rack because, except for a Technics SH-4060 Timer, nothing else is Technics because I needed more modern equipment. I have a Technics 3D projector beaming towards a 106" Stewart Filmscreen. Up front are a pair of Technics SB-7000A's with a custom Rohrbaugh Center Channel flanked my a pair of Monster Power Eleganza Sub-woofers. Surround speakers are a 2nd pair of SB-7000A's with a pair of Klipsch 2.2's. A side note about my love affair with Klipsch speakers that I've had since being in Germany. The theater was built around two pairs of Klipsch La Scala's and a pair of Cornwall's. While these speakers sounded great in our family room several years ago, they sounded horrible in the theater. I brought my SB-E100's in for a side by side comparison to see if the sounded bad as well. I was quite concerned the theater room had been built poorly at this point. The Technics speakers eliminated my fears, the initial setup included the SB-E100's, and two pairs of SB-7000A's with the two subs and the Rohrbaugh CC. The sound was so awesome, I have sold two pair of the La Scala's and the pair of Cornwall's. The last pair of La Scala's are about to go as well.

The story of the Klipsch vs. Technics speakers saga is this. When I initially purchased all of my Technics gear, it was because I found I had to spend TWO to THREE times as much to get the same quality and sound. I had such a love affair with Klipsch that I was blinded by the facts until I finally compared them head to head. Although I shouldn't have been surprised by the results, it took me awhile to wrap my head around what I was hearing.

Now, I have read, in this thread, that Technics is BACK. I'm beside myself wondering what they'll bring to the table and if they'll be what they used to be. I look forward to reading about what other Technics fans have and what Technics themselves plans for our ears and, hopefully, our eyes as well!

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Nice welcome back article for Technics in this months hifi choice :-)

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk whilst smoking, drinking vodka, tuning my radio and reverse parking my car into a police station

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Nice welcome back article for Technics in this months hifi choice :-)

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk whilst smoking, drinking vodka, tuning my radio and reverse parking my car into a police station

did they get a good write up? To me, I think they're barking up the wrong tree completely. If they had an ounce of sense, they would have picked up on the current craze to modify the 1200/1210. They should have released a new version, armless as an option and also with all of the tweaks that people are doing, but built in.

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Hi All

This is what I have

SUVX800 amp

RSB965 cassette

RSB905 cassette

RSB765 cassette

RSB705 cassette

RSB606 cassette

SL1000mk2 turntable (SP10MK2+SH10B3)


SL1210mk2 - sealed in its box

SL1200mk2 x 2

SL1210GLD - in the box, but only slightly used

SL1015 (SP15+SH15B2)

STG70L Tuner

SB-C450 Speakers

SU-C3000 Pre Amp

SL-QL1 Linear Tracker Turntable x 2

This is what i'd like

SB-RX50 speakers

SB-RX70 speakers

SB-MX100D speakers

SE-A3000 Power Amp

Battery to go with the SU-C3000!!


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Had stacks of the stuff...

TT's: SL-1200, SL-1300, SL-1500, SL-1700, SL-150, SL-BD22.

CDP's: SL-PG490, SL-PS7, SL-PS900,SL-P720, SL-P770, SL-P990.

Amp's: SU-V300, SU-A900II, SU-V650, SU-V90D, SU-V6, SU-V7, SU-V8, SU-8080, SU-8600, SE-9070/SU-9060, SU-A60/SE-A50, SU-A3000/SE-A3000.

Speakers: SB-440, SB-660, SB-EX2, SB-5010.

Also had some Technics branded phono cables at one point which were the mutts nuts [rebranded Hitachi OFC-LC I think.]

Here's the old 3000's:


Photo courtesy of Russel/Biscuit - Does he still posts here ?!

Currently playing with a V7 & pair of 5010's for sh*ts and giggles.

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I own technics se-a3000 su-c3000 combo-second hand from 2009 . A good combo with Harbeth SHL5(or any other harbeth speakers I guess) and Dynaudio contour s1.4 Recent discovery showed to me that these amps has very good headphone amp inside,it sounds amzing with sony mdr-7506 and grado ps1000.

technics sl-2000 cd player ,nice player,still have,from time to time switch this player listen music(now most of the time bryston bda1 dac is on connected to pc)

technics sl-670a cd palyer

technics rs-az6 using for recording music on type II or metal IV tapes to listen music on sony walkman on the go.

Technics su-a700mk2 amp-still own,nice memories driving monitor audio rs6 speakers,punchy big sound for a pop and dance music,more weight and bass added by technics equalizer sh-e70.

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