Cycling for fat bastards

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So. Bored as ever tonight I've done some calculations which I think are correct.

All of the below assumes a body weight of 85kg and a bike weight of 20kg or, of course zero if walking

Walking at a normal pace for a middle aged person of average build and height uses up 120 watts of power. This gives an average walking speed, according to all the on line papers I can find of 6.05 mph.This sounds about right, when I think of drivers in towns travelling at speeds of between three and five times of that. Maybe I'm wrong.

If that's correct though, the current speed limit for an Electric bicycle is only two and a half times that. Using the same energy (120 watts) as it takes to walk, an Ebike will be forced to average slightly less than 14.5 mph. It's not allowed to go quicker remember, due to government legislation, without your having to put in quite a bit of effort.

In order to do that, one thing that is forgotten is the concentration required . The E Bike rider has to concentrate, not safely on the road like a walker or driver can, but regularly on his or her speedometer in order to make sure they don't go over the limit and have to do all the work themselves (not something you want to do on the way to and from work.).

Now putting in that same effort as walking and assisted but without that government restriction, a man or a woman would produce an average speed of just over 20mph. I wouldn't be surprised if that was close to the average speed of a car in a built up 30mph area during busy times anyway. One safety advantage of the E Bike is that it has a 50% shorter stopping distance, in case of someone crossing the road for instance.

Other advantages of a derestricted E Bike in town would be to get you to work in 30% of the walking time, with 30% of the total effort of walking, whilst still promoting health. At the same time they are contributing zero exhaust fumes and pollution to the atmosphere as does every vehicle stuck in traffic with people getting to and from the office.

So any Political Party claiming to be "green" should really start by looking at this - the current regulations are far from green. Even taxis could be replaced by taking two people on the back - like a human powered tuk tuk with rain covers and fit younger riders.

We have the slowest limits of any nation on Earth. The rest of the EU has now moved over to Speed E Bikes. These need insurance and a plate but do 30mph through having motors that are 40% more powerful. Why is this nation so backward?

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