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Superior TEAC & Esoteric Supreme Quality Build Thread

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No postings to this for a while but maybe Teac’s newer reference products will tempt a few more to try.

Teac NT-505 network DAC. Fully Roon capable, MQA enabled and well sorted (no clicks, crackles or pops). It works and does everything properly. I am still evaluating it but it looks to meet all of my needs so far.

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I’ve got the quite rare 500 series multichannel integrated with the DVD player and 6 disc autochanger CD player that’s done sterling service in the garage driving some AE 107 floorstanders for donkeys years.

Always thought about adding other components to it as they appear on eBay for peanuts considering the sound and build quality but things like the tuner are in the amp already and the MD and tape just wouldn’t get used but they would look good in a late 90s post-plastic midi system type thing.

Also thought about buying a non-working CD player to rip the guts out of it and replace it with some kind of rPi gubbins to get a matching streamer into the system...

Then a couple of non-working amps to ‘re-engineer’ with some Ncore or B&O ice ClassD modules to add some mono-blocks.

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"Partial" TEAC owner here, as I have a Wadia 861 with a TEAC VRDS CMK-3.2 transport...still going strong

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