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Modwright Elyse Dac is here.

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The Modwright Elyse Dac is launched and we are now taking orders.

We used the Elyse in depth at this years Munich high end show with fantastic feedback from press and public.


It has taken Dan Wright a great deal of time to produce a true world-class DAC, but the ModWright Elyse proves that the wait has been worthwhile. The Elyse is a full-feature DAC, offering digital inputs with RCA and BNC for SPDIF, and XLR for ASE/EBU. The unit also provides a 24/192 fully asynchronous USB input. The design is data and clock buffered and runs a proprietary BGA-based data algorithm. As with all ModWright products, the unit is available in black or silver finish and has both single-ended RCA and fully-balanced XLR outputs.The circuit uses a tube-rectified power supply section and an all-tube gain stage operating in pure class-A with zero feedback. Both inputs and outputs are transformer-coupled, using supreme quality Lundahl components. The audio stage is direct-coupled, so there are no capacitors in the signal path at all. The circuit design incorporates a mute delay and soft start on switch-on, to give extended tube life and supreme reliability.SPECIFICATIONS:Tube compliment: 1 x 5AR4, 2 x 6922

SPDIF inputs: 1 x RCA, 1 x BNC

ASE/EBU input: 1 x XLR

USB input: 24/192 fully asynchronous

Outputs: Single-ended RCA, fully-balanced XLR

Output impedance: 30 ohms

Frequency response: 20Hz - 50KHz

Weight: 30lbs shipped

Dimensions: 17"W x 4"H x 12"D

Current retail price: £5495

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We were listening to the Elyse with an Emission Labs Mesh rectifier valve the other day, talk about another level, even I was speechless!


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Some feedback on the Elyse dac.....

'I had the pleasure of hanging onto the Elyse DAC for a week after photographing it for Dan. I was really glad to hear that all the time and effort he's put into this particular project has paid off in spades. The qualities I was hearing from it strongly reflect those I've come to appreciate as Dan's signature sound. They are the same qualities that ultimately tore me away from my devotion to tube amplification and the more rounded, softer renditions one might associate with tubes. In listening to the Elyse DAC I had two other digital sources to compare: The highly regarded Oppo 105 (Sabre DAC) with Dan's mods (tube rectified power supply, and tube output stage) in place, as well as an Audio GD Reference 8 (no longer available - uses 8 PCM1704UK DAC chips). My system is Modwright, so certainly very tailored to making the best of the qualities of the Elyse DAC. Speakers are AudioMachina Pure System. Various cables and conditioning that I won't go into detail about. I don't know how much break-in the DAC or tubes actually had, but here are my impressions straight out of the box, as it were: Great separation, soundstaging, and very natural clarity....forward without being edgy at all. Details were crisp, clear and well defined. In comparison the modified Oppo is markedly more soft-edged and relaxed sounding. I can see where some might prefer that sort of presentation....think tubes vs SS...but when I listen to the same cut on both it seems the the Oppo is giving you that classically tubey presentation (sorry for the stereotype, but it works) at the expense of details that the Elyse is ferreting out from the darkest corners to the brightest highlights. The Audio GD is a SS design and definitely comes more close to what the Elyse does, and brought its own strengths to bear taking a teaspoon of tubey medicine from the Oppo (rounded out the edges a just a bit while giving very similar separation and soundstaging as the Elyse), but ultimately I was taken with the presentation and detail-extracting qualities of the Elyse, which was also the most forward sounding of the three. As I mentioned, Dan seems to really succeed in that particular quality in his best components... It's the sort of clarity and forward nature that might otherwise make you brace yourself for something harsh, but that harshness never happens and you are left with this great, natural clarity that paints vivid, lifelike portraits in your room. I still remember having the very same impression of his KWA150 amp when I first listened to it, having been used to a decade devoted to tube amps. It was really great to hear that all the effort he put into the DAC was clearly worth it. I only tried out the single ended input, but it also has USB and balanced. I stuck with the stock tubes too (nothing special, though I did throw in a better rectifier at one point, which made what I thought to be a minor difference). Ultimately it always sounded great, no matter what material I played through it...I have widely varied tastes in mostly acoustic realms, but threw everything at this while it was here. Very impressive, Dan. Congratulations on another great product. Obvious disclaimers apply, but thought the impressions might be appreciated by those who can get passed that.'

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A surprise visit to Malvern and a few hours to kill so i call Jack who said sure pop over but its a bit cluttered we're having a new kitchen fitted . Well he wasn't joking plus the delightful Agatha Jacks daughter who conducts his demos ( more on that later ) who was just getting over chicken pox bless her was also in attendance . Well after a bacon and egg bap ( ordered in thanks Jack ) and then some box and furniture shifting we settled down to listen to the Elyse dac . The rest of the system was the wonderful Tune Anima speakers , Modwright LS36.5 pre amp with separate power supply and the ModWright KWA 150 SE power amp. The first hour we listened to flacs till the internet fairies went on lunch break and the second hour we used an audio note as a transport . Where to start . I played some stuff from Jacks hard drive picking mainly sixties and seventies stuff . Love " Forever Changes " being a real highlight for me . Baselines being really easy to follow but more than that it was tuneful 3D bass ( fat to some ) that came forth . Then we switched to cd . We played four cd's . Talk Talk "The colour of spring " John Martyn " Solid Air " Jeff Buckley "Grace" and finally Roger Waters " Amused to death " . Well what can i say . This system extracts so much information i really was having those did i just hear that moments:shock: . The trick with this dac though is that music is only strident or distorted where the artist intended . Colour of spring was just shockingly good and yes i have heard it on some systems where that sharpness and stridency is too much . Grace well just great . Corpus Christi ooh real goose bumps and Amused to death the wealth of all those little tv snippets and background noise are so clear it really was wow. I have heard some very high end dacs costing more than this and all i can say this dac is a real star performer . When Agatha felt Jack and myself were concentrating too hard we played the paper cup game . Jack won :x .Tension eased and back on with the listening . Now would i say the Elyse dac is the star of the show. No I wouldn't because that would of course be a disservice to the rest of that system . It does so many things so well that the sum of its parts produce this wonderful liquid sound that is effortless . Full of detail but somehow not in your face . Full of power but soft and gentle when it needs to be . What i would say about the Elyse dac is its one of the best i've heard and not as expensive as quite a few i've heard . Listen to it in a system that has been carefully chosen for quality ( Jacks ) and through speakers that every time i hear them impress me more and more . If i had the money the answer is a resounding yes .

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