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38 minutes ago, batteredhaggis said:

Loud and Clear on St Vincent Street (0141 221 0221) are big Moon dealers.

Or try Renaisssance in Edinburgh who are the importers (0131 555 3922)

I was told my 600i integrated could not be damaged by being turned on without speakers attached but I the I-5 may be different. Good luck. It's a good amp, I hope you can get it fixed.

Thanks Haggis, Loud and Clear is where I bought it. They will be my first port of call when they open on tuesday morning. But I'm not sure if they do in house repairs? I guess I'll just have to wait and see really. 
My daughter could smash a toy off the oled tv and it wouldnt bother me in the slightest, I could total my car tomorrow and it wouldn't matter. But the amp has a lot of value to me. Be a real shame if its dead :(

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Had my 600i about 3 years now & love it.  After years of box swapping (McIntosh, Audio Research, Bryston (twice), Marantz, Chord etc.) it seems to be the perfect balance of superb SQ & bomb proof reliability. 

Turnitup, you asked about thread size on the feet.  If it helps, the thread on my 600 feet is 1/4 UNF.


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It’s true Simaudio kit is expensive in UK.  But then it’s expensive in US / Canada.

Compare for instance vs McIntosh...

Moon 600i (v2) $9000 in home market.  £7800 in UK  (was £7300 last year !!)

McIntosh MA252 for example is $3500 in home market.  £4500 in UK !!

Simaudio not crazy price after all ?  Maybe a bit of a bargain.

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