Hoops, Cheese or Beans?

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Super Wammer

been having a listen, and they actually sound better higher up, i think the bed was getting in the way, and the midrange was a bit recessed, lifted them up courtesy of some old speaker cabinets :P and they sound better :D

so much for looking good :cool:

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OK, I'll bite! :roll:

What are they? :D

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Super Wammer

ha ha, i was not fishing that time :dunno:

They are some Rega Jura's :cool:

Early impressions = :)


I would like to say sorry to anyone who i may have offended or annoyed over the past few months, i had some 'issues' over the last half a year, and i think this is why some of my post's have maybe come over a little irate. :?

And i am off to listen to some music.........

Now where did the Dire Straits go?.............

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Super Wammer

Thought i would do an update :)

The Bandor drivers made their way into some Sphere boxes made from Ikea Bowls, sounded quite nice considering!


Bandor 50mm by RSdesignUK, on Flickr


Old Hifi by RSdesignUK, on Flickr


HiFi by RSdesignUK, on Flickr


Old Hifi by RSdesignUK, on Flickr


Veravox's by RSdesignUK, on Flickr

Also pictured was the Veravox 5S BiB speakers, Very simplified rear horn designed to be placed up against a wall. These drivers IMO were a great compromise between the livelyness Of the Rega's, Dynamics of the Hawthorne Audio drivers and smoothness of the big Tannoys. I also tried them on open baffle which i quite liked, and with an active crossover they would be even better.

For their size, they do great dynamics and attack, and after abour 100 Hours they were quite refined in the treble.

I had my first experience with a tube amp, a Consonance Cyber 10SE USB, a KT88 SET amp:


New Amp... by RSdesignUK, on Flickr


Glowing tubes by RSdesignUK, on Flickr

These stayed for a while untill i sold the HA drivers to pay for a new pair of commercial speakers. I purchased another pair of drivers and put them into a Bipole cabinet, with a pair facing backwards to compensate for baffle step. They needed a bigger room to sound good, lots of reflections in my space and did not image well, as a uni project it was a little disappointing outcome.


PICT0206 by RSdesignUK, on Flickr


PICT0207 by RSdesignUK, on Flickr


PICT0209 by RSdesignUK, on Flickr


PICT0208 by RSdesignUK, on Flickr


PICT0095 by RSdesignUK, on Flickr


Hoops Audio speakers by RSdesignUK, on Flickr

The drivers were sold and bought some b-grade Rega R7's, a pair of speakers (having been impressed by the R3's a long while back) that i wanted to try. And they did not disappoint, they improved on the main shortcoming of the R3's, the wayward treble. The Scan-Speak unit was a lot better than the standard model but still had a little sibilance, the bass was really nice and extended, not too slow for a basic TL design. I expected a little more presence with vocals from the paper mid-bass, they seem to lack a little energy that the R3's had in spades. In total, a more grown up and resolved version of the smaller Regas. Ultimately they were a little big for the room and for financial reasons i had to sell them.


Rega R7 by RSdesignUK, on Flickr

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Super Wammer

The R7's -


PICT0201 by RSdesignUK, on Flickr


Rega R7 by RSdesignUK, on Flickr


PICT0200 by RSdesignUK, on Flickr

These parted company due to financial constraints and were replaced by a set of cheap Tannoy Mercury S's that were in the Scalford Show system -


Scalford Hall Show System by RSdesignUK, on Flickr

To be honest they were just a stop gap (£50), but worked surprisingly well, mid range was nice and smooth, slightly rolled off treble made them easy to listen to but lacked the excitement of both the rega's or the veravox drivers. I still have them in a second system.

I finally ended up with some speakers i also had meant to try, was able to borrow them from work and i really liked them, so bit the bullet and went for the ATC SCM-7's.


System by RSdesignUK, on Flickr

They work in my room a lot better than any others i have had, not for bass heads (as to be expected) but they do have really tight and puncy bass for their size. They do need a bit of power to get them going and have a sweet spot on the volume control. They will do me for a while i think, could do with a few watts up them :)


System by RSdesignUK, on Flickr


ATC SCM-7 Monitor by RSdesignUK, on Flickr


ATC SCM-7 Monitor by RSdesignUK, on Flickr

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It can be nice to try all of the speakers you have ever wanted in your domestic contexts. I was never convinced that having more than one 'driver' in any room adversely affected sound of others ('single speaker system room demos' ...). I too have retained Tannoy (black M20 Golds) as rear-speakers in fun AV setting.

You do reach a stage probably where you will settle for something that does what you want.

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Super Wammer

interesting read mate :^

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Super Wammer

Yeah it would be nice in the future to have a 'hit list' of different speakers that give you the best of a certain area. Would like to get back to some more DIY speakers when my finances are back on track....:dunno:

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Super Wammer

An update :)

With the SCM7's, I tried a pair of Audiolab 8200MB Monoblocks and WOW, these really really really did it for me, unfortunately they were right out reach, and i was unlikely to be able to afford them in the foreseeable future, so a new toy appeared.

I plunged for a pair of high efficiency speakers, some Fostex FF225K Based Jericho horns -


image0045u by RSdesignUK, on Flickr


Old Hifi by RSdesignUK, on Flickr

These were very dynamic, great attack on drums and could fill the room with sound without breaking a sweat. Would have loved a nice SET amp to go with them, but ultimately too big for the room. An interesting taste of high efficiency wide range drivers and horns.

These made way and were replaced with some KORD Tornado Monitor speakers -


Kord Tornado by RSdesignUK, on Flickr


Kord Tornado by RSdesignUK, on Flickr


Kord Tornado by RSdesignUK, on Flickr

Now these really worked, great tight controlled and punchy bass, great integration with the Original tweeter installed. Not quite as good mid-range as the SCM7's, but the scale achievable and and sheer dynamic might when played loud was very impressive. Certainly suited Prodigy well :cool: If i had the room i could have settled down with these, but new job, house and county bought a new room and a big change in employment (for the better) so they had to go as the new room was too small to accommodate them.

An interesting in between speakers were some little Keesonic Kolts (Kubs?) which are impressive but tiny little things, very nice, smooth and tight, punchy but lightweight bass (to be expected really for their size). Keepers but dont sound that great at lower volumes.



I then found myself coming back to a company that i have had plenty of experience with, Rega. Found a set of Rega R1's (thanks Henry) and they really do the trick, lively and engaging at lower volumes, tight bass and lovely mid range. Once i have a nice little amp to chug them along i think i will be sorted for a while.

A Brio3 also joined the party briefly too.


Hifi by RSdesignUK, on Flickr


Rega brio3 by RSdesignUK, on Flickr

Now i feel that i need to do a little summary, I was thinking the other day about which have been my fav speakers. Now in a smaller room, and with some big power up them, the ATC SCM7's really shine, most impressive and something i could really settle down with (providing the money and suitable amplification).

With a larger room and a bit more space to play with, i think that the Rega R7's and Kord Tornado's are up there in a tie with the Tannoy Cheviot's.

The Rega's did a great job with bass depth and general get up and go, with a similar style and sound to the R1's/R3's but more refined.

The Tornado's were real surprises, great value and real party impressive speakers, anything with a beat or decent bass line really bounced these along, not as refined or detailed as the R7's though.

Then there was the Tannoys, what seems a long time ago now, so probably rose tinted glasses but they seemed to do everything i wanted/needed at the time. Thats it really!

Now the speakers that really really deserved better, and i never had a chance to try were the Veravox 5S based speakers. These really needed a good SET amp and missed the chance to give them a better send off. Trying these with a decent amp, i think they would have made it into one of my favorites. I really learned that all amps don't sound the same and Amp/Speaker/Room synergy is the most important thing in Hifi! IMO and all that....

Now the best value speakers i think is another tie between the Rega R1's and the Kords, both really have been eye openers for what can be found for £100 and £350 respectively.

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Super Wammer

Not any new reviews, but still deciding between which direction to go. After re-capping on my fav speakers i cant decide between-

Tannoy Dual Concentric's ala Tannoy Cheviots (Tweak free, big easy to listen to sound, easy to drive)

Something like the cheaper T-Series or DC series from the 80's. Not DIY so less to fiddle about with and has decent re-sale value.

Mini Monitors ala ATC SCM7's and Keesonic Kolts (Tight punchy bass, open and stable midrange, great soundstage)

Either buy the above or DIY myself, great value in the first place but need a beefy amp to go with. DIY option really interests, but the endless tweeking does not. Would rather build my own, could do a kit though.

Large Monitors ala Kord Tornado's (Excelent bass, low colouration)Would be DIY as these are too large for my room, but could be used as a basis, like a 8" or 10" Volt mid bass and simple larger tweeter. Again, endless tweaking, but likely to have a foundation on which to build in the future.

Full range drivers/Open baffle ala Veravox 5S/Fostex FF225K (Easy to drive, Simple, excellent midrange)

Again, DIY but not much to tweak, simple with just one driver, looking at the Seas FA22CRZ or similar, possibly Open Baffle but active bass and extra drivers ramps up the cost. Easy to drive so less demanding on the amplifier.

So at the moment, sort of leaning towards the full-range direction, just from the cost and the fact that its less dependent on the amplifier. Still that niggling idea in the back of my head for a large monitor style speaker, its really the holy grail for me i think, and probably could be made to fit into my room, but the costs go up.

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Super Wammer

Well I decided to go with the mini-monitor approach for my small room, and found a pair of SCM10's-


12 by RSdesignUK, on Flickr


DSC_1215 by RSdesignUK, on Flickr



ATC SCM10 System by RSdesignUK, on Flickr

These were an interesting alternative to the SCM7's I had previously. They seem to have more refined treble over the 7's and a little more bass extension (Even with sub-optimized amplification) And they were the start to recovery after being without any kind of music replay system at all for a few months.

Overall they are very similar to the SCM7's, but look a little better IMO and better built cabinets (not that the 7's were bad at all though).

I decided to 'down-size', and then bought the Keesonic Kolts back :P


Hifi by RSdesignUK, on Flickr


Hifi by RSdesignUK, on Flickr


Keesonic Kolt / ATC SCM10 by RSdesignUK, on Flickr


Keesonic Kolt / ATC SCM10 by RSdesignUK, on Flickr

And thats where the speaker sits at the moment. Really enjoying them now, and seem a lot better with the Target R1 stands over the Apollo AZ6 ones I had before, seem to have a little more deep bass, and imaging is tighter in the soundstage.

When they were sold the previous owner re-capped the crossover and this seems to have opened up the mid range a bit and now in my small room, they are spot on. Its a real bass problem room and with these small, overdamped sealed cabinets, they seem to excite bass nodes a lot less than the Rega R1 and the SCM10's, even though they are both generally designed for near wall placement.

Some more project speakers were added, some Omnes Audio BB3.AL (Veravox 3) drivers in the cabinets left over from the Bandor Drivers.


Omnes Audio BB3.AL by RSdesignUK, on Flickr


BB3.AL by RSdesignUK, on Flickr


BB3.AL by RSdesignUK, on Flickr

The SCM10's are gone now, and a Luxman TT has arrived, along with a host of new amps -



Luxman PD-272 by RSdesignUK, on Flickr

This resulted in a change around:


System by RSdesignUK, on Flickr


Luxman PD-272 by RSdesignUK, on Flickr


Luxman PD-272 by RSdesignUK, on Flickr


Luxman PD-272 by RSdesignUK, on Flickr


System by RSdesignUK, on Flickr


System by RSdesignUK, on Flickr

Some IAS Prototypes:


IMAG0172 by RSdesignUK, on Flickr

Then back to the original stuff, with an Arcam AVR200 and Rotel RQ-970BX added:


System by RSdesignUK, on Flickr

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Very nice blog. Your experience with the 12 Tannoy is similar to my 15 's in an only slightly larger room.

A more suitable smaller speaker gives better all round performance in small problem rooms even though you lose out when the recordings don't have overblown base.

The smaller speakers just seem more forgiving with detail and extracting different aspects of the music in smaller rooms.

I forgive the Tannoys as they always go back on in the end.

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Super Wammer

Oh yes, although I seem to suffer from rose tinted glasses as what i remember of the cheviots is that they did not really do anything wrong, and at that point in time i did not have a massive amount of kit or experience to compare them to. I really should have tried different amps, I was using that Teac A-BX7R amp from mid 2005 up until around a year ago with a huge variety of speakers. I was not a bad amp but probably was not as optimal as it could be with certain speakers (Full rangers or the higher efficiency models)

And probably not as good as the Primare A20 that it replaced.

At the moment, dare I say it, I am actually really happy with the Kolts (<£100), even though they are probably one of the very cheapest speakers I have had, the XQ1(£500/£800rrp) and R7's (£400/£1500rrp) being the most.

I would strongly suggest that the story would have been completely different if I had had the same room for all that time, from the period that I started in 2004 when I was living at home, to 3 different rooms/houses while at Uni, my own flat, previous house and now the current one. Thats 7 Different rooms in 8-9 years!

The first room when I was living at home (2004ish)-


Uni Halls (2005)-


First Uni House (2nd/3rd year (2006/2007))-


2nd Uni House (4th year 2008)-


Own flat (2009)-


Own Flat 2nd room (2009)-


First house(2010/11)-


Second House (Now 2011/2012) -


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Super Wammer

Make that 8 Rooms in 10 years :D


System by hoopsontoast, on Flickr


System by RSdesignUK, on Flickr


Luxman PD272/ DL 103 by RSdesignUK, on Flickr


Zen3 by hoopsontoast, on Flickr

With the system as it as atm (minus the AVR200 in the pics)

Luxman PD-272 / Denon DL103

Phillips CD-850

Sony TA-F670ES (MC Phono / Pre Amp)

Decware Zen (Power Amp)

Keesonic Kolt

Acoustic Energy AE2 (to be trialed)


Decware Zen SE84CW by RSdesignUK, on Flickr

As an aside, does anyone have albums that they now associate with certain systems?

I have a few, like these for example-

Whenever I listen to Dire Straits first album, It takes me back to just after I got the album, but listened to it a lot after I made my first pair of speakers, the CSS FR125S below.

I can picture exactly what the system was, with exactly how it sounded and the room it was in.


Another is the White Lies - To Loose a Life but this time it was with some amps I borrowed (the Audiolab 8200Q/8200MB) with the SCM7's was simply awsome at high volume.


One more was the David Gray - White Ladder album, I have had this since it came out but seem to really enjoy it not long after I made my speakers for Uni, and it really reminds me of this very simple system at the time-


One last one is actually from Scalford Hall, the year before last, just seemed to click in that room, at high volumes was simply wonderful!



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