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popped in to say that THE most frustrating thing on the Airfix Bentley we were discussing is the v poor quality of the Humbrol BRG thin and transparent it needed 3 coats...I sent it back, got another batch and it was the same. Just my opinion, but I'd suggest you find the colour by another maker...I'm persevering since I have a large tin and already have dome some...don't want to strip it all back and restart!

Box still open?

Love the bike btw. It was my dream bike in the 80's, an orange laverda jota. Never even got to ride one:(

Nice paint job.

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A mate owned a Laverda 750 way back in the day, it was a thundering beast of a bike. I was a mere pleb on a Honda 250 at the time so no way would he let me have a go. I don't blame him.

The Bentley box is still sat in my kitchen. I occasionally  lift off the lid and spot more bad spots of flash and lousy detail in the plastic. The more I look the more scared of even starting it I get. The bags remain sealed. I did buy a couple of cans of this paint that I've read is a very close match. "When" I get round to it I'll decant the paint into some small jars so I can use my airbrush. Until then they sit next to the unstarted kit.

I've no experience using the "modern" humbrols, I think the last time I used some was close to 50 years ago. In those days it was anything but thin, probably had enough lead in it to do a church roof=)

I wish you every success with your Bentley, please post pics when you get back to it=)

Edit to add:

Another paint option that I was told about on the forums is this but it's more like a cellulose type paint. I'll stick with acrylics wherever possible.

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I'm doing some (trying to do some) painting (as in Art ish) now so mines still boxed...this is where I got to...a frightening amount of cleaning sanding and filling.

I have a theory...It was the crappy nature of Airfix kits which taught a generation (or ten) of schoolboys to tinker, adapt and improve. We should still do it...there'd be more engineers I'm sure (and more nervous and angry schoolkids) :)

28604506197_a6eab947da_c.jpgP9120228 by John Dutfield, on Flickr

no Im further than that...whels are done, and seats and suspension. One day Ill open it and take some snaps.

What are you doing next?

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That's looking great, and the silver chassis rails will make it unique and distinctive I think. Nice work so far mate!

I'm not currently doing anything, but I made a promise to myself that the Bentley would be my next build... That's also why I posted about it a few weeks ago to see if that would give me the nudge I needed to stop feeling so damn useless and sorry for myself and actually DO something... Hasn't worked too well yet, but we will see. 

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just do it...I'd like some motivation box has been shut for 6 months or so, and my current painting is killing me :)

Well whatever you chose, good luck. I'll be lurkin on PFM. See ya!

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