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jazz biscuit botherer

daft speaker stand question

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Super Mod

It depends what you are trying to achieve. For good coupling (vibration transmission to the marble) spikes directly onto the shiny surface are ideal. For isolation (de-coupling) replace the spikes with an absorbant material - preferably something softer and more damped than blu-tack.

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jazz biscuit botherer wrote:

i've got dodgy floorboards under some thickish carpet and decent weight spiked speaker stands. i want to site them on some heavy slabs or marble but how do people deal with spikes on hard shiny surfaces? cork? remove spikes and replace with blutack or something?
T%hink different. Personally I'm far drom convinced that spikes are the optimum answer to anything.

If you can convince a dealer to supply on a sale or return basis, I'd look to experiment with Finite Elemente Cerapucs/Ceraballs (depending on weight).

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