Project Pre Box RS Preamplifier

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19 hours ago, GeneZ said:

Thot you might appreciate this with tubes...:geek:


wow, thanks a million 

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Hey, Just ordered a Pre Box RS in black to use with a Emerald Physics  EP 100.2SE power amp

To power Merlin TSM mme. I have a TeraDak 18Vdc 2.7a power supply to power the Pre Box. All to replace my Cambridge Audio Azur 851A amp.

My front end is Linn LP12SE with ZYX R50 Bloom3 L mc into Whest PS3.0R phono stage and RME ADI-2 Pro ADC/DAC for all digital and recording vinyl. Looking forward to the sounds and hope it will b e better.

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I have the matching PJ linear power supply.  The connector cable to the preamp it came with  leaves something to be desired.   PJ does sell a better cord, but it can not be ordered for the USA.   Found this  and am very pleased with its quality and the sound. 



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One might say I'm a bit of a player when it comes to HiFi having used Luxman, Krell (both S1000 and Foundation equipment), Bryston, Music First, Cary SLP, Passlabs, Musical Fidelity ( Baby reference), Chord and others. One the face of it this is a well specified little unit, it certainly has a decent amount of balanced inputs which is the connection method of choice. I have fed this unit with a Bladelius Gondul CD player and  Nova fidelity Music Server, I have also fed it from a Tom Evans phono stage using a EAT turntable , Power amplification used was either a Quad 520f or a Passlabs Aleph 4 into Kef 205.2 speakers.

At first I found the presentation dry that is to say without weight, this improved with time however even after a day switched on the sound still didn't have the lower register depth it should have had. I turned the sources off feeding it and listened to the noise floor which was bad, hiss and white noise were evident, to check this I connected the XLR's male and female ends together by passing the RS box, this removed all noise and the power amplification as expected was transparent. My sources especially the Gondul has a zero noise output through balanced connections.

I know people out there like to extol the virtues of what they have just purchased and I would like to have kept this unit if it had been more than just a little pre with lots of connectivity, it is a noisy little box with a dropped off bass response, sorry, it will be going.

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