Project Pre Box RS Preamplifier

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Super Wammer
19 hours ago, GeneZ said:

Thot you might appreciate this with tubes...:geek:


wow, thanks a million 

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Posted (edited)

Hey, Just ordered a Pre Box RS in black to use with a Emerald Physics  EP 100.2SE power amp

To power Merlin TSM mme. I have a TeraDak 18Vdc 2.7a power supply to power the Pre Box. All to replace my Cambridge Audio Azur 851A amp.

My front end is Linn LP12SE with ZYX R50 Bloom3 L mc into Whest PS3.0R phono stage and RME ADI-2 Pro ADC/DAC for all digital and recording vinyl. Looking forward to the sounds and hope it will b e better.

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