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New Showroom Pictures!

Hi All,

Just a quickie to post some pictures as we have had Jason Beeby in again to take some more pictures now that our Highend Room is now finished, he also took the Highend Headphone showroom picture + Naim Lounge shot which customer’s always comment on, he really is very good I have to say, if you need any high quality pictures taken please let me know and I can put you in touch with him.

We have also had our Virtual Tour re-done as that was originally shot 5 years ago so is a little out of date to say the least, we will get that uploaded shortly but that also has come out really well.

Anyway on with Jason’s pictures -

The Man Himself In Action!


The So Called 'Highend Room'


Our Downstairs Demo Room Is More A Reception Room Now!


A Fresh Picture Of The Naim Lounge With Wilson Yvette’s Installed.


The Excellent Martin Logan ESL 11a’s.


The Naim Uniti Wall


My Favourite Wall With Keith Sunasky’s Art



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Exciting Offers From Devialet on Both Expert & Phantom!


Hi All,

Devialet are certainly feeling festive as they have just launched some great offers on both their Expert Pro and Phantom ranges, these offers are only available from a few select Devialet retailers that I am happy to say HFL is one.


Devialet Phantom Offers - Valid till 15th January

Firstly I would like to point out that the entry level ‘White’ Phantom has had a bit of a makeover recently with power up from 750 to 1200 watts, it also now has the latest internals just like the Gold Phantom and the price has been reduced to £1290 so this really is an incredible active speaker at a really attractive price, we have the full Phantom range on demo if you’d like to come in for a listen anytime, anyway back to the offers.


White Phantom

1 x White Phantom and 1 x Treepod Stand - £1390

Silver Phantom

2 x Silver Phantom + 2 x Treepod + 1 x Dialog - £3580


Gold Phantom

2 x Gold Phantom + 2 x Treepod + 1 x Dialog - £4580


Devialet Expert Pro Offers - Valid till 15th January

When I was told about this offer I was really surprised how good it is to be honest as the Expert range is brilliant on it’s own but up until 15th January you now also get for free an Innuous Server / Player + Roon Subscription, basically with the 440 and 1000 Pro’s you get Lifetime Roon Membership and on the 130 and 220 you get 1 year free and on all models you get a free Innuos Zen Mini CD Ripper / Server / Player worth £799 and on the 1000 Pro you get a free Zenith MKII worth £2299, these really are very generous offers.


I should also mention that we have just got back our demo Expert Pro models from Paris as they have now had the new Core Infinity boards installed which really does turn the range into a true all in one product that is very powerful as this board brings all the streaming features to Expert Pro. 


Expert 130 Pro

1 x Expert 130 Pro + Free Innuos Zen Mini MKII + 1 Year Free Roon - £4990

Expert 220 Pro

1 x Expert 220 Pro + Free Innuos Zen Mini MKII + 1 Year Free Roon - £6990

Expert 440 Pro Dual Mono

1 x Expert 440 Pro + Free Innuos Zen Mini MKII + Lifetime Free Roon - £11,980

Expert 1000 Pro Dual Mono

1 x Expert 1000 Pro + Free Innuos Zenith Mini MKII + Lifetime Free Roon - £22,900


So there you go, Christmas really has come a little early this year, we have the full Devialet range now on demo so please feel free to come in for a listen anytime.

Many thanks,



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Limited Edition Chord Mojo/Poly Gift Pack!
Hi All,
A really quick blog to say that Chord Electronics have just released a severely limited edition gift pack for the excellent Poly and Mojo Combo.
Only 100 have been made worldwide, we have managed to secure a few sets so please give us a call if you’d like to secure one, please find more info below.
Available now, the Mojo/Poly Gift Pack offers a complete (and highly advanced) audio streamer/player solution for the discerning music lover and tech enthusiast at a fantastic price. The Gift Pack contains the following:
  • Mojo DAC/headphone amp
  • Poly streaming/SD card module
  • Official Mojo/Poly protective case
  • 64GB Micro SD card
  • Charging cable
  • Configuration tool
  • Gift Pack box

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