Are the Leak Stereo 20 and TL12+ a bit rubbish ?

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Shout Out to the OP

Five year on how’d you go?

mrpawl anyone saying they are rubbish doesn’t own one.

On the other hand opinions are like a***holes and everyone’s got one of those!

Like you I also have speakers meant for the Leak and the  combination is deadly 👹

Although you may indeed have something quite different now 😅

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The only Leak 20's and 12+'s I've personally used were rebuilt very sympathetically (in my opinion) by Glenn Croft and I enjoyed my time with them (both sets were lent to me for extended periods) using Epos ES14's back then. More recent exposure to a Stereo 20 was spoiled a bit by the amp cooking one of its valves after ten minutes' use. When working for the first five minutes, it's a cheeky funky thing, not especially 'truthful,' but a bit like a properly restored set of Quad II's which have this term to a fine art, 'gloriously' coloured and who the eff cares about 'accuracy' any more when one is grinning so much with the joy of the wonderful musical experience.......

Anyone with good Leak valve amps like this - enjoy them hugely and treat them with absolute joy and respect :D A Croft 25/7 may well be 'better' in every way, but they ain't 'arf as much fun or funky to behold...

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On 07/03/2013 at 08:53, rabski said:

Funny old world isn't it...

The Stereo 20 isn't perfect, but most I have heard have been as good or better than many products that get glowing reviews.

I think it might be Paul at Classique Sounds, though I'm not certain, who has a relatively simple circuit mod to change the first ECC83 to a significantly lower gain tube. A few resistors, a different tube and that's the gain 'issue' resolved. Not that it's really much of an issue anyway. I've had a Stereo 20 here a while back and the only problem I found with the gain was that decently screened interconnects were a must to stop any hum pickup.

The ST20 and even more so the TL12+ are surprisingly good to my ears and in terms of sound quality per pound spent, excellent.

I was at Classique Sounds shortly after the review came out and I think I might actually heard the amp that Boardman tested.

Good amp, terrible review.  One of the worst that I have read in the Hi-Fi press in my opinion.

i have a lot of affection for the ST20.  Slow bass but excellent midrange and imaging.  Entirely capable in a modern system as long as you take a few basic shielding precautions to avoid hum.

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I was given my first Stereo 20 by a colleague who's wife had tripped over it for a decade and threatened to bin it.

it was hummy and only worked on one channel, Smoothing caps, new coupling caps and a few valves and I was in business,

it was great.

A few years later I bought the amp pictured with Border Patrol supply off Ebay,  although working the supply hadn't been correctly

wired and rectifying this small mistake gave it a lift, I experimented with coupling caps and ended up with a mix of teflon V caps and

Ampohm PIOs,  The Black Gate Heart of Muse are probably overkill but they didn't cost silly money at the time I bought them,

They are 100uf because the BP supply can more than cope.

A sq getter long plate Mullard ( V1 ) and Siemens E83CC ( phase splitters ) followed by a quad of KM1 Mullard EL84

complete the valve line up.

 I used  a TVC passive, a great choice and better than a number of stepped attenuator units I'd used,

 Speakers were a pair of Snell type J mkII , it sounded very good sober and excellent after a glass or two




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