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There's been a bit of talk about this cartridge around the forum and I've been meaning to sort out the spare TT/second system for ages. Courtesy of Jack (bless his cotton socks) an Audio Note IQ3 arrived at Rab Towers today. It's now installed in the crappo spare deck (an old Revolver with a slightly wonky Achromat) and running in for a bit.

Now, I didn't expect it to come within a mile of the main deck (a Well tempered with a Transfiguration Phoenix and a Hasmimoto SUT), but whilst it's different, it's really rather good. The Phoenix is a stunning cartridge, handles the highs beautifully and is incredibly open sounding. However, the IQ3 is a lot closer than it has any right to be, and it's only been running for an hour or so. Everyone in the know says it needs a good few hours to come on song, so I'll run it tomorrow as much as I can.

Anyway, this isn't intended to be a review, just that there's been a lot of interest in the cart here, so I'll be bringing the second deck to Scalford, all being well, and if you want to have a listen you're obviously welcome.

Provided I cdon't break it then/before then ;-)

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