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Scalford HiFi Wigwam Show raffle 2013

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Well, the show beckons and as always the raffle is one of the highlights I know you all look forward too and not just as an excuse to dump some donation of dubious kit on the unsuspecting public.

Well this year is different, do we have some prizes or do we have some prizes. One prize to rule them all, a single system of excellent quality. Details below.

All of the proceeds of the sale of the tickets will be going to a local charity, Rainbows Hospice for children and young people.

"Rainbows is a place where life-limited children and their families can find care and support. Our incredible team of people helps relieve symptoms, improve quality of life, support parents and siblings through their bereavements and care for children until the end."

The team at rainbows also employ the services of a music therapist to help children who have difficulty communicating, express them selves through music. I was sincerely moved by some of their compositions.

Based in Loughborough, this Hospice serves the East Midlands and I am sure you will agree with me that it is an apt charity to receive any money we raise from the raffle.

The Prize

Project RPM 4


Ortofon OM10


Marantz CD63 MkII KI Signature



Marantz PM66 SE KI Signature integrated amp with phono.


Sound organisation 5 shelf rack


Celestion Ditton 15 XR speakers


Atacama speaker stands, sand filled


All ICs and Speaker leads included.

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