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Densen amps : what do you think ?

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Thanks for welcoming me to the madness ;). I hadn't seen this topic. Interesting though! I didn't expect Densen to be delicate. Some reviews on the net talk about


there’s something about the treble that makes the sound large, crisp and just a little bright.

, therefore I joined this topic and was wandering about other people's experience with Densen. I also have sent Steve a PM because he offered people to help out with  'distorted treble', to make it to make it more 3-dimensional and with better image focus (as he describes it), but haven't received a message from him yet.

My experience was that Densen could be very straightforward sounding a little to crispy (in combination with Revel F206 and Hypex Class D power amp)...

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Fell in love with the Densen Beat B 100 years ago, it's still my main amp. Paired with Triangle speakers, although my room acoustics have changed since, so it's all sounding a bit bass heavy and wooly. Need more detail and not sure which way to go.

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Not heard one myself, but have been told they have a similar presentation to Leema: Fast, detailed mids and HFs and very taut bass. However, I can't confirm that.

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