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SBT can they have treble issues?

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I opened my Sbt which I bought around three months ago when there was the special offer on for the first time two weeks ago and to be honest I thought my ears were deceiving me?, there was a complete lack of treble, no transients nothing?, I have been with my partner and listening to the squeezebox I bought her the day before thru a practically identical system ie, Audiolab Amps , Mission speakers etc. I'm pulling my hair out trying to find out the problem why mine sounds terrible can I give a comparison of systems


Squeezebox Touch

Audiolab 8000 c and p and f serial 8000s ( bought thinking my amps were at fault )

Mission 751 freedom

Eccose cable

QED Qunex and van der hul interconnects


Squeezebox Touch

Audiolab 8000a

Mission 751

Qed Qunex

Cable Talk Talk 4

Can I ask why would the treble suddenly go, I bought the 8000s the other week thinking my amps were at fault but it's just the same?

Could the squeezebox be at fault as we both use identical Vortexboxes?.

To add my girlfriend isn't I to hifi I picked her products out over the years and hers sounds significantly better than mine, since I bought the squeezebox bought the 8000s to rule out the amps and it sounds as bad treble wise as before?

If anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate it, I replaced the c and p with the s and still treble light, I have always loved the audiolab sound so I think it may not be the amps , well it can't be as I bought the s and tried it in place of my partners A and it sounded excellent

Really did

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i assume you've tried your squeeze box in her system? It could be faulty....

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I only opened the packaging two weeks since, I'll give that a try but I thought such things wouldn't be problematic thanks

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