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Calling all Fuji X100 users...HELP

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Ok peeps, i have a bit of a problem with the camera i have only just noticed. Essentially when in A priority mode i cant force the speed above 1000 at F2, it goes to 1200 at 2.8, 1400 at 4 and is red on all these settings in the viewfinder and overexposes. At 5.6 it goes green and exposes correctly. If i switch to manual, no problems. I have the dynamic range at 100%, WB in Auto and have tried every setting i can think of to no avail, including:

Centre/Spot/Average meter

Changing ISO (it still tops at 1000 at F2)

Switching to manual focus

Switching to optical viewfinder

Changing WB to a manual setting

Changing film type from standard to velvia

I only noticed this the other week shooting against a white hazy sky, this could of been the first time i puit the camera in a situation where it has become apparent.

. This has to be a Doh! moment,



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