Looking for 5.25" mid/midbass rear speaker advice.

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Hopefully you guys can offer some advice as car audio forums seem to be a somewhat unsurprisingly complete waste of time.

I have a 1990 Mk2 Honda CRX, its not chavved up, its a standard, tidy and a much loved little go-kart. Please dont judge me. :oops:

What Im after is a pair of decent 5.25" mid range/mid bass drivers to go in the rear. Ive managed to get a pair of the optional rear "bass tubes" that have a volume of around 3.5 litres and a small, 20mm front facing port that is easily bunged. They sit in the standar rear speaker holes with the tube going back over the rear arches behind the trim.

I have a couple of spare amplifiers that I could use, offering between 35 and 75 watts per channel.

The front is sorted with an Alpine 9835R feeding Dynaudio 242 GTs though a bridged Genesis Profile 5 that also powers a little 10" sealed subwoofer in a home made arch hugging box.

What I want is a little bit of punchy, mid range rear fill, nothing monstrous, just a gap/hole filler.

All that Ive really been looking at so far is Rainbows' 130 SLX mid drivers and the range of Focals in 13cm/5.25". Should I consider others? Budget is up to about £150.

Any help is much appreciated as I dont want to mess about trying loads of speakers - Im too old for such nonsense.


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A mate's son fitted a few of these Skytecs (or similar - they were certainly 5.25 Skytecs) in his Corsa. Must say they don't sound too bad.

Much less than your budget as well, which sometimes helps.



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