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Reference Mercury and Fidelity Europa IC Pass Around

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I have one 1m pair of Reference Mercury and one 1m pair of Fidelity Europa Interconnects ready for a pass around.

Reference Mercury:


Fidelity Europa:


Wammers with 100+ postings only please. They will be going to Rory57 to start with and he will send onto the next in the list. List published below will be updated as and when anyone wants to add their name:

1. Rory57

2. Spacehopper

3. Monya

4. Clap


6. Eckythump

7. Belloire

Please keep for up to 3 or 4 days before passing to the next person. Post: please use Recorded Delivery

All I'd ask for anyone taking part is that they share a few thoughts on this thread after reviewing the cables.

Don't forget the cash-back offer on the Europa if thinking of purchase!

Please see and click on the Reference Mercury, or Fidelity Europa for further details of these interconnects.

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First of Paul I would like to thank you for your trust and the chance of hearing your cables. Below is a brief summary of the Europa cable.

I had two friends round on Friday night to give their opinions on your cable.

My system is Acoustic Precision dual psu cd player, Garrard 401 with OL encounter mk11 arm with Lyra Delos.Groove phono stage. Vibe pre with Pulse PSU into Pioneer 300r precision Mono blocked amps through Electrofluidic 20/20 speaker cable into Living Voice Avatar OBX R2’s. Phew I’m glad that bit is over.

The cable was replaced between source and pre, with an Eichmann ag / Tom Evans from Pre to Amps.

They thought that the Europa was outstanding value for money, if fact made comments like full and textured Bass, Dynamics good and lively , Transparency- easy to follow individual instruments, Good sound stage and quite 3d. Overall even and balanced, particularly sweet piano.

We listened to :-

Keb Mo - Shave yo’ legs ( Live) from Live and MO CD

Peter Gabriel / Kate Bush - Don’t Give Up - from Shaking the tree CD

Mellisa Etheridge - You used to love to dance from Brave and Crazy LP

Fleetwood Mac - Beautiful Child - from Tusk LP

Also Various Ella Fitz’ from Verve classics CD.

WE ALL agreed that the Europa is a bargain at £40!

If you don't think cables make a difference and you are using 'basic' ones you must try these.

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Done. I'll have the cables sent onto you Robin in around a week or so.

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First off, many thanks to Paul for the opportunity to try out his cables - top man.

Equipment used:

XTZ CD100, Luxman L505u amplifier, Transmission Audio M1i speakers and shotgunned Chord Epic Super Twin speaker cable.

Music used:

Richmond Fontaine - $87 And A Guilty Conscience That Gets Worse The Longer I Go

A Winged Victory For the Sullen - ST

Broadcast - Tender Buttons

Yes - ST 1st album

Suba - Sao Paulo Confessions

Les Gammas - Exercises Des Styles

Tangerine Dream - Force Majeure

The Reference Mercury and Fidelity Europa cables both allowed the music to flow by neither adding nor detracting from the music - exactly the way I think a good cable should perform. Both cables are beautifully crafted and represent excellent value for money at their respective price points. Highly recommended.



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Super Wammer

OK - If it is alright, I'd like a crack at these please.

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Feedback just in from Monya (Robin):

I received the Europa and Mercury interconnects from the 'pass around' a few days ago. The fit ' finish are first class - as good as anything I've seen. I tried the Mercury between phonostage and pre and wasn't disappointed. About 80% as good as a MIT Magnum that I swapped in from the cdp for comparison. Given the price difference, an excellent result.

Tried the much cheaper Europa which didn't disgrace itself either. A little thinner sounding all round but excellent vfm all the same. The Venus will be tempting!

Leads should be with you in a day or two Tristan.

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Would you be interested in doing an XLR pass-around?



That would depend on how this one goes Tim. For the Hyperion XLR's, then yes, definitely. In fact I have some Hyperion XLR's that could be passed around shortly.

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