The talents of the terracing chanters ....

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I was discussing with a mate the other day songs that get sung at the footie that make you chuckle. The ingenuity of fans to come up with incredibly funny songs just defies all logic, materpieces concocted in pubs after downing vast quantities of beer.

We both ended up agreeing one by our own fans was right up there with the best of them.

The match in question was a UEFA cup preliminary round match between Glenavon (Lurgan, NI) and Us (Kilmarnock FC). Amongst the travelling support of around 1,000 there was rumoured to be 3 people who weren't absolutely bladdered.

Anyway, midway through the second half of a dire match our French midfielder, David Merdy, was brought on as a sub. His 1 and only appearance for the club.

It took about 2 seconds for everyone to lock onto a couple of nutters chanting and before you knew it 1,000 blind drunk Killie fans were blasting out at the top of their voice the now legendary chant of:

'He's blue! He's white! His name is French for shite, Merdy!'

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That's not bad, on a similar note, not a chant but an alledged one liner by a fellow Celtic fan when the Baldy Enrico Annonni was coming on as a sub, the supporter was heard to remark


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