Getting the horns to Scalford...

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A quick round up in photos and a bit of text.

All wrapped up and ready - all the rest is already in the garage awaiting i_vanman_coco


Van arrived


Looks higaldi-pigaldi but it is padded and secured with straps



Unfortunately Coco put his back out on the tapped horns - something that would get slowly worst before it would get better.

On the journey up we stopped at a Tesco and bought 2 cheap hifi racks.

There, were loaded them in the space between the gear and van side sliding door. Coco held them in place while I shut the door. Good job he has forearms like tree trunks:)

He did laugh a lot honest. Unfortunately no pic of that.

Random parking by - what else, a BMW:^


Wee cockup on the room front - it was either this, or ram the room wall with the van. I did take the saw along just in case actually.


All installed and a quick shake down (that's what Toccata on tapped horns does for you)



Randoms while waiting for the curry



don't light that alfie


James: Happy or evil? - I can't quite work it out


Got back from the curry and played loud until 2am


I could hear the Viole de gambe loud as anything while having a pee in my room 2 floors up! God knows what the bassy stuff was like...

It was at this point that Austrian Death machine peaked at 113dB and Jack cried enough - well what he actually said was, "that as a bit too loud".

Ended with Ginger Baker Cream re-union 11min drum solo with the master vol right round. At this point I felt a bit sorry for the 2 wammers who had gone to bed and were lodging above our room and so turned it off the master switch - Tomorrow is another day:^

Sunday morning walk


Bob's room


Packing them in on Sunday. More bodies the better the sound. Maybe we could hire some pretty cheerleader girls to line the room and dance according to the music next year:^


Back home and repairing ongoing - still playing very nicely though on Monday


Phew - what a weekend.

I really enjoyed it and wanna do it again in a room that the mid bass speakers actually fit into.

I'm still recovering and I know Coco is:doh:

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A remarkable effort that humbles mine - I had to drive 40 minutes to attend as a visitor ! Genuinely, well done. As well as being one of the great sounds of the show, it was something to behold to the eye as well. I had to take a step back when I walked into your room, I have baby Harbs. remember !

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Indeed, you deserve your own thread Steve, it was an epic effort on your behalf. Well done. :^

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Super Mod


My room was above the courtyard and I heard the sawing, wish I'd looked out no-way did I think that was going on.

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My highlight of the show.Particularly Toccata on Saturday evening,the scale was fabulous.Thanks to you and Pete for going to a huge amount of effort.

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Thanks guys - It was very worth it.

I re-time aligned everything now back home and it was pretty near where I had marked it all.

If I had had more time at the show I would have re-done it there as the listening seats were quite a bit further away but time and energy were not on my side for that... Perhaps there will be a next time and I can do all that.

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