A week off so I....

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I've a week off work (yipee), it's been ages since I brought out my bronze 1967 ESL 57's, first time this year in fact, and a first partnering with my purchased A&R A60 amp which I bought around five months ago. So having a lovely relaxed 'music' day to myself. Thought I'd shoot a few photo's and upload and share etc, (Canon 5D/1 - Samyang 35mm lens).

Playing vinyl albums by; Stevie Ray Vaughan/Rain Tree Crow/Miles Davis/Thomas Dolby/Scott Hamilton Quartet/Bill Nelson/Steely Dan/Modern Jazz Quartet/Stan Getz/Stranglers/Tommy Smith, and listening to mainly 'Jazz' being digitally streamed from stations like; Linn Jazz/KUT/WWOZ/Jazz 91/Jazz 88/Jazz FM/KKJZ LA/Jazz FM88.5/Jazz 24 Seattle etc....


Playing both vinyl (Dual 504) and digital streaming (Squeezebox Duet).....



Close up of my 57 grill...


Rest of my audio system, Audiomeca Mephisto cd transport - Sony JA50ES mini-disc - M.Fidelity M1 dac


Been playing music since breakfast, still going strong, loving it!


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Looks grand, Peter.

I would be doing the same, but for having the boys with me today (bloody Baker Days!)

Have a lovely day.


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Hi Peter.

Such nice things to be able to bring out occasionally too! I'm quietly thinking you must be a bit of a Git;-) :D . Nah I'm just jealous, as you always come across as a nice chap:^.

For a good alternate Jazz station on internet radio it's well worth checking out WWOZ New Orleans , as well as lots of really good Jazz fare (avoiding some of the "smooth jazz" type stuff played on Linn Radio & which I find a real turnoff t.b.h.), they also play loads of really cool Blues from early era stuff to present, B.B. King, Muddy Waters, Dr. John all get good airtime as does real "grassroots" Louisiana type stuff:cool::cool: but frankly to mention so few artists does the station a disservice.

The station is a U.S. public service broadcaster, so is devoid of the usual U.S. commercial station nastiness (not exclusive to U.S. commercial stations, I admit ,but you get my drift I'm sure.) There are public service/health/local events announcements but no commercial nasties.They also play a fair bit of vinyl & sometimes suffer from technical SNAFU's , which I find only adds to the charm, it harks back to the earlier days of radio I feel & this lack of glib slickness is actually wonderful in our Ersatz all too often over processed, neatly packaged world:cool:.

Enjoy your week off "slummin it" (I don't think), Ya big Git!(I do):D;-).



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Peter does include WWOZ in his list of listened to stations. Its just that I felt this was worth further fleshing out with information as it is certainly worthy of it.:^

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Thanks guy's.....

A week off 'slummin' it', fab-you-lous eh! Listening to music, if weather's good I'll be out riding my Suzuki bike, and maybe shoot a bit of photography. Loving it!

Yea I mentioned 'WWOZ' in my post vacdac, it's well listened to thanks.

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makle sure you check out WSDS

and WBGO

and Radio Free Jazz...

and JAZZ DECADES show Ray Smith WGBH

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