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Sibelius Violin Concerto - Akiko Suwanai

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I beg to differ...;-)

This thread prompted me to hear an excerpt of Suwanai's recording to see if I am missing out on a great Sibelius. Errr, to my ears, her lower registers lack body. Another of the wispy-toned lady fiddlers. Hahn produces a fuller, assured sound.


Just listened again - 'fraid I don't hear that at all. Must be something in the equipment - assume you were listening to the SACD layer? I have Amoyal, Hahn, Jensen, Kennedy, Modori, Mutter (Previn & Karajan), Perlman and Zimmerman - and that is just Digital. I must try out the Ferras.

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Its all comparative. After Oistrakh's and Vengerov's Sibelius, a lot of other fiddlers sound weak-toned.

But not Zukerman/Barenboim's. Just purchased this. Danny won't ever crack the list of my desert-island conductors but as with the Vengerov, he conducts another fine Sibelius here. I have heard the grandest rendition of the slow movement yet. The way it builds to the climax is almost Tristan-und-Isolde Liebestod-esque.:shock::love:

This is now one of my favourite versions.


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