Robert Kŏda Takumi K-70 Review

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Following Martin Colloms' / HiFi Critic's Takumi K-70 front cover issue and highest score awarded to date for a power amplifier, another exemplary review follows from HK / China's leading audio journal Audio Technique. Translation of the K10 pre-amplifier / K70 power amplifier to follow.


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I think you, like I, miss what seems to be the passing of top-shelf equipment interest in these trying times. Rob's VERY fine work would have perked more than a few passing fancies in a heyday. I am saddened to see so little input from the market for this next generation Master. I continue to wish you the best supporting Rob's works in these difficult times.

K-70 no. 1 is due to land in Poland later this week. A long-overdue meeting since sitting with Rob to hear its predecessor his 'home project' some time before I bought no. 1. Jeez, I struggle to paint a room while Rob designs and builds his machines. 'Home project', wow!

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