Mio Audio La CLOCK (Rubidium) for Esoteric, dCS, Antelope etc...

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This is a Rubidium master clock.

It got the same performances than other Rubidium clocks with an extreme accuracy of 0.00003ppm, but do not cost 20.000$.

Here you won't pay for the aluminium box or dealer margin, just for the performances.

This clock outputs a 10Mhz sinus, 50 or 75 ohms on one or two BNC connector(s).

It can be plugged to a existing Wordclock generator like the Antelope models or the dCS Verona / Scarlatti to ehance their performances or it can be used alone if your player accept a 10Mhz reference (some Esoteric do, like the K03, K01, D02 etc...)

We also provide a version with two 100KHz outputs for owners of Esoteric products that won't support 10Mhz, so you can plug this Rubidium clock directly into any Esoteric product with a wordclock input.

Only top grade components are used : Nichicon Muse capacitors, Schottkys diodes, Hifi Tuning Gold fuses etc...

Point to point wiring for the low noise linear power supply, isolated BNC connector.

It features a power led and a lock led, that indicates that everything works fine and that the clock reached its optimal precision (usually after 2-3 mins).

Those units are available in black or silver, leds colors can be choosen by the customer.

3 years warranty.









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Reviews are not planned for now, we have a 2 to 3 weeks waiting time...

But i can give you contacts of owners, this may be more interesting than reviews

By the way the faceplate changed a bit, ask me for pictures !

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Until december 20 we will do a big discount on our clocks : 500€ off + free worlwide shipping.

That's 2700€ (instead of 3200) for a rubidium clock !

First discount in 3 years so... :)

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