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Wadia 301 versus Wadia 861

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hifiwigwam wrote:

Ok Lawrie I have taken note.


Good man, for taking note.:) It is not for me to challenge what is your personal opinion on the matter as it is a personal opinion indeed. WhilstI am open for good debate, challenging questions and humorous comments from anyone on the forum,I draw the line at personal abuse as there is no need for it so I hope my point is clear.

Btw, there is no need to close the thread as it is a good one.

Enjoy the musicâ„¢


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Guest Umberto

Davewhityetagain wrote:

The Kensingtons in the room next to Linn. We were both kindof unimpressed with them and if i'd told Rico the price, he would probably have been even less so.

:fly:Why they only £6,500 :cool:

Yes but RIco isn't really into hifi. He's just bought an Eltax centre speaker for £25.

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This is not a response to one person but a general response.

James, thankyou for noteing i was singled out.

I have no more to say on the subject, I gave an explaination but recieved more wooden spoon in response. I do not wish this to continue or the thread to be closed. I will also not make demands or rules towards the mods.


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