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Well now that I've got a bit of time on my hands, I must say that (as a schoolboy wargamer and former comp games publisher) I've gotten in to World of Tanks (yes sad I know).

It's really superb, online interactive game using historical(ish) vehicles, it's totally free (unless you want to progress quicker) and you get the chance to form platoons and clans with friends for a bit of world domination....

Have a looksie here..


Soon they'll be releasing similar products using aircraft and battleships, so something for everyone, if you're of that ilk...

If you fancy having a go - get stuck in, it's vast to start with, but you soon get the hang of it..

Let me know if you have a go, and if you have any questions..

(health warning: beware it's very addictive... :nerves: )


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A friend of mine got me started a few months ago. Now running around with a variety of Tier 5 to tier 7 vehicles. Ace game.

Note to anyone thinking of starting. It's free to play (good), but does encourage you to cough up real money. Avoid that where can. Additionally, when you start, you're not in with just beginners. Assume that you WILL be owned for a good 20 hours of play. Post that, you can start to hold your own.

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Ahhh, I'm not alone then.. ;-)

Yes, I think they've changed the system whereby your first ten games are with others that have played less than ten - saves you getting totally blasted till you're used to the controls..

There's absolutely no need to consider paying anything till you get to at least tier 5 tanks - at which point you'll know whether you're hooked or not... Just depends how much you like it and how much patience you have.

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Super Wammer

Looks good! I'll download when I have some time.

If you like RTS games then these two - while a little old now - are worth investigating:

World in Conflict and Company of Heroes

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