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A Testimony of a HiFi Repairer – Amplabs

A little while ago a friend of mine had a pair of Rotel top of the range monobloks that weren’t working properly and I suggested that he speak to Amplabs that I came across on eBay and get a quote for the repairing. It turned out that the previous owner has been messing around with it internally and they required some major components to be replaced. Amplabs did quote him a price and he was happy to let them go ahead with the work and it took them a little while to sort out the problem and eventually they were reunited with my friend and he was very happy with the overall service that he got from Amplabs.

Early on this year, one of my solid state power amps was blown up during a listening session with Jerry and Bigdur. And after a few attempts of replacing the internal fuses we knew it needs some professional attention. As it happen, since Amplab is only a few miles from my house I thought I better give them a try myself and spoke to Rob the owner there and arranged to drop off the amp the same day. It took him about a week to have everything sorted including a full health check, a proper service and a 24 hour soak test. Rob was very helpful and he kept me informed throughout that week about the progress and I was most impressed with his service and customer approach. He told me in one occasion a customer sent him an old Quad amp for a service and he noticed the casing was quite tatty and decided to give it a respray (free of charge) just because he wants his customer to be happy. And apparently this is the sort of things that he does all the time.

In my case, I was really over the moon with the service and the price was pretty reasonable too, considering I was half expected the price to be at least double of what he charged me. Since then, another friend of mine has used him to work on his Quad amp and was very happy with the service.

They do have a priced manual and they also do upgrades and mods etc. Rob told me he used to design his own amplifiers back in the 70’s and he does a lot of repair and servicing works on valve amps as well as solid state amps. Recently another friend has a dac that has no output signals and he sent it to Rob to look at and he managed to find out the problem pretty quickly and is now awaiting to hear about the parts but in this case it is a Sabre 32 bit chip, so it might take a while to get hold of one.

I don’t normally bother with writing testimony of this kind but I felt someone like Rob should be made known to fellow wammer and people who have been ripped off by some specialist/repairers in the past as well as people who are looking for a very reliable specialist. I realised this is a dying breed type of trade that you don’t have a lot of options when you need someone to sort you out. By the way, just in case you haven’t noticed from their website; all his work carries a 6 months warranty.

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Yes, I've used Rob at AMPLABS too. Fitted my upgrades to Hafler DH101/112 Pre +DH200 amp. Even upgraded the 112 without being asked! Great guy and knows his stuff.

Stephen (Faig) put me onto him originally a couple of years back.


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