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Hyundai i30 (loan car)

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So, it's a 1.4 petrol hatchback - whoopee!!


Has one - not offensive, quite smart I s'pose - the kids like it.


All the bits and bobs. It has a CD, USB socket, leccy front windows, aircon and a trip computer. It IS pretty comfy - I've been trundling up and down to north cumbria and I didn't get a gripe from my back on either run. Its all very black, and the BLUE displays on the CD and dash are too bright with no adjustment.. but it works and it feels solid enough. Like a (very) budget Audi to some extent.

Going and Stopping:

Very odd for me going from a 2ltr TDI to a 1.4 petrol, I keep having to rev above 3,000rpm which is very weird! That said, it tootles around very well in town, although the throttle's a bit eager, its pretty dead between 2 and 4K rpm, but then it starts to move a bit better between 4 and the 7.5K redline whereupon it sounds ok for a small 4 pot and it goes better than I expected. When on the m-way, it does drink a fair bit more at 80+ than at 70 (36mpg vs 42/43) but it is revving quite hard to maintain those speeds. It handles pretty tidily and i have no complaints apart from the limitations of the skinny tyres, rides well, brakes are decent.


I probably wouldn't buy one as I like the instant low-down oomph of a diesel, but a 2 yr old with the remainder of the 5 yr warranty would be a really good buy, probably wouldn't have many miles as they tend to be bought by 'mature drivers' and the stereo is pretty respectable.

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