..but, who cleans the cleaners?

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Guest Pac67

All cloths will pick up muck so should be shaken out after use. I run a vacuum over mine occasionally. Microfibre cloths rely on a large surface area and nooks & crannies to hold the muck under the surface. Just chuck them in the washing machine from time to time and never press too hard when rubbing CD's clean. Personally, I favour wet cleaning with a very mild (10%) solution of IPA and distilled water before polishing dry with a micro-fibre cloth or duster.

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I thought the idea behind cd was you could spread jam on them no problems. So why are ocdists cleaning cd's? Naturally you should wipe it off before inserting in your player, though for the life of me I don't know why you would want to spread jam on them. ............ ahh that was just a marketing ploy to tempt us away from vinyl.

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