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Standmounters for Arcam CD72 and Cyrus 7

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As you may have noticed I am selling my rear XPA, and I've realised that if I sell my fronts too then I will have around £400 towards some new speakers.

I would like standmounters as this will give me flexibility in case I move the system to a smaller room (I may return to uni... wink.gif )


I need standmounters that are excellent match for my Arcam CD72 and Cyrus 7, connected with a VDH 102 interconnect and VDH CS122 cable.

Music tastes are predominately RnB, HipHop and Dance - genres that often poorly produced e.g. bright treble - so the speaker will need to be smooth. A chunky speaker will be better as the music is quite 'beat' driven.

I am flexible with positioning but prefer a great looking speaker and a light wood finish.

Ideally I would like something 2nd hand originally worth towards 1k.

Please help me to compile a shortlist and include links, ebay links, ex-dem links etc where possible tongue.gif

Obvious starters are Dynaudio Audience 52 and Dynaudio Contour 1.?


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Hi, You could look out on ebay for my speakers.Proac Response 1sc. They have a wonderful sound.They have a good level of bass, also they sound great listening to the likes of 50 cent, Nelly,Common also good with dance and r'n'b. They are a great allrounder,they boogie when needed and sound wonderful and detailed at the same time. They average £600.00 on ebay. Hope that this helps.


P.S Proac have bought two new standmounters out:

these are about £600-800ish new

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darrenmayne wrote:

People always mention the GR10s.

I saw them connected to Cyrus in Sevenoaks a while back and the first thing I thought was "Cyrus is metal tweeter speakers!?"

Are they a good match?

I need to have some demos but will be buying 2nd hand: always feel cheeky listening and not buying... ;)

I'm not reccomending them, mearly giving you options, a lot of the cyrus guys like them though, so can't be that bad, have you asked at the cyrus unnoficial forum?

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Super Mod

I like my Audience 52's. :D The dark grey baffle grows on you, but I agree its a bit much on the floorstanders.

Avoid Quad 11L's like the plague: they really don't go with Cyrus. I suspect the 12L's will be the same.

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