Ownership Review : Passat 1.9 TDI PD130

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I dont know wether to tune this one or buy something else, and if i do buy something else i have no idea what!

I had a TDi 130 estate, a new 52, 50k +/- a year and enjoyed having it in an unremarkable sort of way, it did everything quite well. Dealer service was rubbish and there were more minor faults than I'd have expected meaning more visits for crap service as on that mileage it was in pretty regularly for service. Quite a few cars in between but if you like the Passat Estate you'll love a 156 (diesel), not quite as much room but much nicer to drive, engine doesn't rattle quite as much and no more unreliable.

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Fair enough Sam, but I am pretty sure that TBL is in his early twenties, and don't really understand how you can get high performance/modified cars insured at that age. without it costing literally thousands, but as I said, none of my business.

I know when I enquired with my insurer about having my 156 remapped, it doubled the premium.

Im 25, full NCB, live in a low crime area, cars garaged and I have one of those diy trackers so even if my car gets stolen I dont need to claim, nor even ring the police.

I can insure a modified all-declared single turbo Supra for just under £2k, an F40 worth £450k for £400FC (i have the screenshot somewhere too!) etc.

Yet poxy cars like my passat seem to be more expensive to insure, I pay £700FC currently :\

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