My afternoon at The Missing Link.

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Super Wammer

I had the pleasure of visiting Jan and Mark from the missing link at their home and business premesis in North Nottingham a few days ago.

I was on a mission to discuss the forthcoming Wigwam show at Scalford in March. Jan and Mark had kindly supportes us last year and I was keen to obtain their support this year. From talking to members they were an enthusiastic part of last years show. I had been discussing the show with mark via email but when he invited me for a cup of tea and a listen to some music, I thought it would be very rude of me to decline.

The Journey is a pleasant one driving through Sherwood forest and ariving at their place it was obvious that I had come to the right place. The permsis is aconverted store and identical to the picture on his website, well I suppose it would be. The number of cats sitting outside was also a give away. Both Mark and Jan are huge cat fans.

The fornt door was open and Jan and Mark are very accomodating, apparently the kettle is always on and people are free to drop by when they want, what a refreshing approach.

As promised we spent the afternoon listening to music and chatting over a cuppa, Mark went to great lengths to explain the business he runs and the phylosophy of the business. Mark is an ex sound engineer and has a great enthusiasm about music. He started his own cable and accessory business which seemed to be a natural progression in his career. He's also a keen engineer and goes to great length to back up his products with measuring data. He is keen and willing to discuss the scientific approach to his designs and while he is happy to prove his cables and accessories are amongst the quietest around he has no desire to claim they sound better as he explains that is in the ear of the beholder. A very refreshing approach. I had a guided tour of his manufacturing area which is hidden out the way in the back rooms, not forgetting his premesis double as his house.

Mark also kindly cleaned a few records for me on his record cleaning machine. I had bought along well used copies of Roger Waters amused to death and Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Welcome to the pleasure dome and both records were prestine by the time we had finished.

Marks hi-fi system sits in his lounge and consists of an SME10 TT, incent Valve Pre/power amp in Quad loudspeakers and of course we had to spin a few LP's well more than a few really, hours went by and we both enjoyed the afternoon thoroughly. Thats the first time I had heard the Vincents and I was thoroughly impressed. Mark used his own cables and I have to give the whole system a big thumbs up. I am not a huge Quad fan but I would never turn down an opportunity to hear them, they have a glorious midband and a huge soundstage but then Marks living room is huge and I did start to wonder just how good the ARTs would sound in that room.

The afternoon flew by and had I not had another appointment to go to I could have seen us spending the rest of the day just spinning records, well thats what its all about really. Mark explained that they do have a guest room when people can stay overnight if they so wish and I must admit that is tempting as one can have a drink as well. I do think the business run from home is the way to go for a lot of small business's.

The good news is Mark and Jan have agreed to come and join us at the Scalford show and they are keen to get involved as much as possible. Mark has suggested that he brings his record cleaning machine along for anyone who wants to use it durring the show.

I must say a big thank you to both Jan and Mark for their support for our show and for being so friendly and accomodating whilst I was there, I will certainly be going back for another visit.



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Jan & Mark, if you're reading this thread, the thing that I wish you would do is to start a decent web-shop on your site. It would speed purchasing and you'd get more business.

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Preferred their cables to RA's in terms of cost and sound quality.

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you will be pleased to know our e comerce site will soon be opening www.vinylpassion.com

Regards to All Mark Jan & the Cats

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