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I know, it's another daft question from over the channel.:)

I have a valve integrated and a Solid state power amp. Down the line I thought it may be interesting to do as PaulF-2007 has done and use the valves to power the mids and highs of an active system and the SS to do bass duties.

Is this right? - Source - Passive pre - active crossover - Valve integrated and SS amp - speakers.

Thanks from numptyland

If I can't use the integrated in this way then I may as well flog it I suppose.

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Super Wammer

Yes Stu, that right. I have gone one stage further with a 3 way crossover. Pre amp to inputs and then 3 pairs of outputs, lows to 130w amp, mids to 300B amp and highs to 3.5w amp ( as the horns have a much higher efficiency ). May be able to loan you a 2 way dgital crossover when I finally get a 3 way that works.:(

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