New Oil for TT

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I have just changed the oil in my TT platter bearing. I had put some super slippy Audio Origami in about 4 years ago but on having a look tonight it wasnt green any more so I replaced it with a nice new drop of the same stuff and also cleaned my drive belt pulley and edge of the platter with a bit of IPA (quite a lot of black came off onto the cloth.

Sitting here listening to a few LP's and I am convinced there is a marked improvement. Well worth the time invested.

If you haven't done yours for a while it is almost a free upgrade, give it a go and post the result here.

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Super Wammer

Years ago I used to swop TT LP12 molybdenum black or something oil and felt reinvigorated also.

What did you do with the old oil though - I had to wipe it up on lovely kitchen tissue/make a romantic lamp.

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