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Audio Innovations preamps.....

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Does anyone have a view on the sonic differences between the L1 and L2 preamps?

I'm temptedto look for one as my first tube preamp - L1s are cheap (last oneI saw went for about £160I think, which must surely be a safe punt?), but the L2 appears tobe amore complex design.

Is there much to choose between them on sonic grounds?



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An Audio Innovations L1 arrived at alfieboys today!

Only had it playing into the WAD KEL84 for a couple of hours, pretty impressed though! :^Getting quite a nice sound from apretty cheap valvepre/power combo! They're driving the LVs soooo much better than my Exposures :)

These are my first valves so can't really compare them to anything else, but does seem a nice cheap introduction :D:P

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