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This is the place where I come from.

It a forest dominated area, surrounded by high mountains, lots of rivers and streams and the villages are situated above 1000 meters from the sea level.

As for centuries was almost isolated due to the terrain, tradition stayed strong there, even the topic dialect which sounds a bit "heavy" and funny, is very close to the ancient doric one.

Crossing Xerovouni mountain to get there... looking behind:


Aracthos river by ChrisBrn, on Flickr

- - - Updated - - -

This is the general view:


Athamanica (Tzoumerka) by ChrisBrn, on Flickr

It has a low population density. Forests dominate the low lying areas of the mountain. Grasslands, shrubs and barren rocks dominate the higher elevations. The main rivers draining the Athamanika are the Arachthos in the west, and theAchelous in the east.

Athamanica elevation is 2429 meters (7969 ft)

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Yes it is accessible!

The roads are narrow and pass high on mountain slopes but it easily accessible even in winter.

My father was born there, his paternal house is there so we go often there.

Arachtos river looks tiny in the above photo but it's a large river and people go there for rafting.

It is a very beautiful place.

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this is from Milton Abbet chapel via silver fx


sculpt at milton abbeyfx by johndutf, on Flickr

and this was grabbed from the car window


_DSC6309_2 by johndutf, on Flickr

had to push this to get the texture and it's overdone the grain. Still, nice patterns anyway!

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