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Vinyl rip

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I have not got into vinyl vs digital debate so far, but i knew that the digital music acquired through the ubiquitous channels, be it CD, mp3 or even HD 24-bit downloads, somehow lacked the magic and depth of 'analogue'. I always wondered if it were possible to have the vinyl quality with the convenience of digital.

Well, last night i downloaded a 'vinyl rip' of The Doors - Strange Days and saying i am gobsmacked is an understatement:shock: ! Played on a high quality TT and encoded using EMU 404 in a resolution of 24bit/96hz. No compression, no processing. Just pure AD conversion and saved as FLAC. Sounds fcking awesome! Way better than any CD version of those tracks i have ever had. Even the FLACs ripped off CD using EAC dont stand anywhere close. Put simply, it sounds just like a good analogue playback. Bass so deep and clear, vocals full of subtle expressions and an unrestrained smooth soundstage.

This just makes me think that its not the digital as technology that is to blame but its the process that is followed to produce the common digital media. I feel, after the above experience, that digital is perfectly capable of producing a lucid natural sound given that its been recorded correctly with no nasty compression or processing involved. Its the process that is killing the life and soul of music.

I wish if music lables had a channel through which we could acquire pure AD'ed version of master tapes. I can only imagine how good that would sound

I am loving those vinyl rips :love: !!!

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