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DPA "The Little Bit Three" DAC

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Super Wammer

I used to have one of those. Not a bad little DAC at all. I seem to recall it was around £350 or so and it would be 12-15 years old, I would have thought.

In terms of performance, it was quite well regarded. DPA are well thought of, but now long gone. I think there were reliability issues, but my memory on this is hazy. I think there are still people around who may be able to service these, but some parts I think may no longer be available.

My personal opinion is that a MF V-DAC would easily outperform it and they're currently £129, which is about the price the DPA will sell for. Plus you'd have a new product with warranty etc.

I've tried most of the current crop of budget DACs and the V-DAC is very impressive, especially so given its price. However, I've just taken delivery of the new Caiman and even straight out of the box it is clearly a better performer. More money though, but not massively more (around £240 delivered).

B*******d products are a bit of a no no around these parts, but I will post my thoughts on the Caiman once I've listened to it at greater length. I've no relationship with the manufacturer at all, and I do think others may be interested in my thoughts on how the budget DACs compare, based on experience rather than hype.

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Super Wammer

DDL wrote:

simon g wrote:
DPA are well thought of, but now long gone.

They seem to have resurrected themselves, but it seems no DACs yet:

That's very interesting ~ thanks.

Looks like they've gone 'high end'. The products have a very similar look to the previous products. They do look very good. But they're in serious price territory there for a pre/power set up ~ some very good competition at that level.

I wish them well.

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