Borats Baby

Borats Babys Bake Off - Warrington - 24th Oct 2009

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I mentioned it to everyone at Bourneys bake off which I recently attended, and everyone seemed keen.

So, people I've got pencil'd in at the mo are :


Ian Sampson


James Evans





and Sod.

Can prolly fit 2 or 3 more in if people dont mind taking it in turn box swapping whilst others chat amongst themselves. Its worked in the past, so shouldn't be any problems.

People are welcome to stay, but room is limited, I have 2 beds going, and 4 sofas. Theres always floor space if your desperate.

I'd like to see some newbies, but as mentioned, room may be limited ! We'll see how it pans out ??????


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Ian Sampson wrote:

Have sleeping bag,will collapse unconscious anywhere!

All the best


he means that! :D

if Darren comes we will probably travel back at night so will have a word with him first about staying over.


ps i think you left your soldier hat here Rikki?

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Borats Baby wrote:

It Cost How Much!?! wrote:
Definitely be there... Bob:^

Any idea what equipment you want people to bring?

Cool !

Might make this interesting and limit kit to one item per person ! ?

Focus a bit more on the music ? What d'you reckon ?


I'll bring a single run of speaker cable,which will leave me plenty of room in the van for beer:P

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