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Re found sparkle

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I have to admit that since moving on my Chord prototype Siggy, and secondly, Frontfloaters jumpers, ( the removal of which seemed to be the final nail in the coffin as far as the top frequencies were concerned) It slowly dawned on me that all was not right as far as top end is concerned in my set up.

I had until yesterday, gone with running the VDH CS122 through the speaker binding posts, and persuaded myself that the sound was as good as it ever was, except eventually I realized some of the top end sparkle had gone.

Now sooner than call Alfie and ask him to sell me my jumpers back, (which he seems to be very pleased with) I improvised, and thanks to Mark at 7blokes, it cost me nowt as he had a short 6" piece of the newest incarnation of the cable that most here(me included) have slagged off.

Im sure you know which cable Im referring to, but, it has brought back that sparkle to my system, which to my ears over the last few weeks has sounded "bland n dull!"

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