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Boxer visits Musicbox Towers

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Went up to Embra to visit Musicbox Towers yesterday (have been quite busy with other things since I got back).

This was more a social & choons thing rather than kit swapping: another couple of Scottish brethren had hoped to make it, but were unable to...

Inevitably given our musical tastes we were quite heavy on the classical stuff, which has left me needing to explore Rubbra's symphonies further, deciding that Simpson isn't really for me, some further suggestions for digging further into Brahms' orchestral music and some ideas on further versions of Mahler's Das Lied von der Erde, as MB is somewhat, in his word,obsessed with the piece.

NOt sure what MB made of some of my English 20th century backwaters, altho` the Bridge Piano Sonata seemed to find favour.

Fear not: `twasn't quite all classical; there were a couple of blasts of Zeppelin & Pixies (the very excellent MoFi SACD of Doolittle).

MB's set up is somewhat different to mine: better vinyl front end (modded Technics SP 10); the modded Sony SACD player; Music First passive pre into Art Audio Concerto; then some small wardrobes.

MB had been concerned that the Concerto was a bit soft & flabby about the nether regions, which was not at all apparent to me (a Krell/Kudos combo is not going to be less than controlled in those parts, so I'm accustomed to a tight-ish bass), and did have a marvellously expressive & fluid mid & treble, aided by the Sony & Tannoys, no doubt, tho` a switch to a Crown solid state amp for a while did reveal the importance of the Concerto in these areas.

Those baby wardrobes are impressive: I have never been unimpressed with decent size DC Tannoys; scale, depth, realism; OK, they aren't timing freaks like my Kudos, but they don't seem to hold back any of the music; and they don't over-power the room, despite a very decent lower end.

Very interesting.

Oh, and lots of interesting conversation and being fed and watered. Setting of Musicbox Towers is most pleasant: I was quite distracted a few times by squirrels playing in the garden.

A very enjoyable end to my recent holidays!

Many thanks, MB!:^:^:^

PS: Frank Bridge orchestral music post WW I - try disc 4 of the Hickox series on Chandos, which contains the bulk of his post WWI output; Enter Spring is possibly better, cheaper, found on the Groves/RLPO disc on EMI.

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It was a real pleasure, shame nick and anthony and others couldn't make it but that let us concentrate on proper music;-).

Big find for me was the Bridge Piano Sonata.... an fascinatingly angry bitter piece that stands up with Ravel's Gaspard and any other early 20th Century piano work I can think of (not that many tbh!)

I have the Bebbington disc on my amazon tab, but will look for those orchestral pieces too.

Don't give up on Simpson! As we discussed its more about logic and dynamics rather than sentiment.

Kit-wise.... Boxer confirmed what I'm beginning to see in the Art Audio Concerto. Its no longer up for sale, I'm keeping it. Since changing it to run Triode mode with no feedback its a lot better, despite less power. In Ultralinear its sounds broken so Triode is the way it will stay. Bass is actually quite good now. I'm sure its not the end of my amplifier journey but will be sticking around for longer.

As for the squirrels... they are rats with bushy tails! Next time bring an air rifle!

And if anyone knows of a birdfeeder that stops squirrels getting the food, let me know.... and I mean one that works, unlike all the ones that say they stop squirrels.

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Super Wammer

Were they other forum spies disguised as squirrels?

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No, just yer actual grey American tree rats.

At least my local squirrels are the native red variety.

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