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SME V Cables?

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It's gonna depend on how you need to route the tonearm cable under your deck.

Send an e-mail toto Johnnie @ Audio Origami.

His leadout cables are outstanding value for money.

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I'm using an arm cable I made myself on my SME V, which uses a straight Clearaudio din plug at arm base, van damme screened patch cable and Neutrik phonos. Works very well indeed, although the space inside the din plug is very tight for soldering, especially with the additional connection to ground that I've done of the screen on the van damme cable.

This is the cable:

These are the phonos:

This is the clearaudio din plug (although I didn't buy mine, I just re-used one from an old lead):|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318

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Dynamic Turtle wrote:

Furthermore, is it possible to wire SME arms for XLR output? Does anyone offer this service? Is it ball-breakingly expensive? (As with everything involving this company!).


Again, Audioorigami is the man to ask. He said he could change my AO RB250 from RCA's to XLR's quite easily as i'm hoping to go fully balanced from cartridge to powers.

Best wishes


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